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Celts Gauls and Galatians

Do the Celts, Gauls, Iberians and Galatians actually descend from Canaan as Israel conquered the land Canaan about 1470 years before our roman calendar. Obviously they appeared and settled in Europe since about 200 years later at about 1200 brc (before roman calendar or computus). Maybe they were really rather canaan refugees than aanything else.

Why did Noah really curse his grandson Canaan and all his descendants? Was he right, totally, only partly or not at all?

How did the Canaans loose the respect and patience of Jehovah, so that he disinherited them by giving their land to Israel? Many Jews and Christians still believe that they got what they deserved. What do Muslims think about Canaan? Many of their former land and colonies is now in Arab posession.

The greeks tell that a canaan princess Europeia from Sidon was hijacked by someone far away.

The phoenicians too were canaans. They settled all around the mediterraneum before the greek. And they became the biggest concurrent of the rising roman empire.

Maybe jews tried to kill further canaans even after the end of their earthen state Israel in 607 before the roman calendar by the babylonians under Nebukadnezar. Maybe canaans did not pardon their genocide by Israel, though they were sentenced by Jehovah himself and killed more Jews in the diaspora.

Why was Julius Cesar so keen to subdue Vercingetorix and his Gauls in Alesia about 50 before the roman calendar in his so called Gaulic War?

Why did the Celts only remain and survive at the borders of the Roman Empire and Europe in Switzerland, Britanny, Ireland, Scotland and Wales with their traditional languages and cultures?

Maybe the two cesars Karl about 800 and Napoleon from the former Canaan, Phoenice or Carthage colony island Corsica about 1800 were rather Canaans than deutsch or french when they founded their empires. The question remains, why the idea of an european state came up quite late. Or did the Jews try to prevent us from it? Who invented the deutsch and french states about 1000 years ago?

Why did the seafarers Henry from Porto in Portugal and Christoforo Colombo from Italia Genua Corsica as Cristobal Colon for Castilia Spain start the european colonization of the rest of the world?

What have capitalism, industrialisation and capitalism to do with Canaan?

Maybe it was no accident, that Adolf Hitler and his NS were the most brutal persecutors of the Jews. They were persecuted everywhere but especially in Europeia and there mainly because of there genetical belonging to the Jewish people, secondary because of their faith and partiality. In Russia and elsewhere they were primarily persecuted by political and or religious reason.

Maybe Jews or former Israels tried to harm Hitler long before he tried to extinct all Jews. Maybe?!

Why did the french Charles de Gaulle defeat the Deutsche Empire with his allies Britannia, America and Russia in 1945 and divide and occupy it for many years?

May be even Adolf Eichmann was rather a Jew or a Canaan than a germanic as he was punished to death near Tel Aviv by Israel in June 1, 1962.

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