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Petition 068 Prisoner Reform

Every public internationship institution like hospitals, prisons, refugee camps, boarding school, nursing and residential homes, shall have

  1. Two departments: one for eunuchs and omaio sexuals, the other for etero sexuals.
  2. Every internated soul may choose his or her department.
  3. Every soul may change his or her department once a year.
  4. Every soul may restrict his or her room mates: either only other enuchs of both sexes or only other omaio or etero sexuals of same sex.
  5. Every eunuch or etero sexual couple may marry and have its own family room.
  6. Every department shall maintain a transient room, that can be requested by hour by any couple to satisfy sexual needs.
  7. Every omaio sexual may voluntarily let remove his testicles respective her ovaries to become an eunuch and love or even marry a same sex soul without resisting Allah Jehovahs wish about natural sexuality.


If we do not reform internationship, we risk the sexual and or justice perversion of many of our prisoners.

By the way

  • Omaio sexuals prefer sexual satisfaction with other souls of same sex.
  • A female eunuch is a woman without ovaries and a male eunuch a man without testicles. Both are no longer fertile and cannot propagate or make children any more until the healing of their potencies in earthen paradise by Jehovah and his state and kingdom Mother Zion. They cannot abuse their potencies any more, so they may mate omaio or etero sexual wihout harming gods will. But they shall not mate with fertile souls, if they want to please Allah Jehovah.
  • Etero sexuals are souls who prefer sexual satisfaction with another sex, women with men and men with women.


Who may guard and administrate a sexual community or harem consisting of multiple women and men the best possible way?

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