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The Tribes of Israel


Even if we do not be elected into the heavenly goverment our selves, we can at least help, that only the best of us will reach the heavens and support those who are worth it.

Pagan Tribes
Community Pagans Settler Slaves Samaris
Task, Role, Mission, Theme, Function Culture, Entertainment, Arts, Music, Games, Playing, Sports, Gambling, Spectacle? Sagas, Myths, Astronomy, Astrology, Wisdom, Calendar, Searching,  Riddle, Joy, Pleasure, Propagation, Settling and Ruling the Entire Earth, Vaults, Tents, Houses, Temples, Wheel, Metalwork, Mining, Stone, Wood, City, Market, Theater, Bath, Mastery, Pharmaka, Fornication, Mystery, Riddle, Collecting, Hunting, Farming, Breeding, Craft, Faith? Work, Submission, Humility, Hope, Patience, Freedom Comfort, Health, Love
Color red, iron, rust, clay yellow-green-blue-brown? olive? rose? orange? salmon?
Jewel Jade? Soap Stone? Steatit? Rose Crystal?
Souls (Humans, Spirits) & Communities Antijehovah, Eve, Cain and Able, Nephilim, Noah, Sem, Ham, Japhet, Canaan, Edom, Nimrod, Hindu, Buddha, Babylonia, Egypta, Majority of all and in many Communities, Metalworkers, Miners, Carpenters, Free Masons? Masters Peasant, Fisher, Shepherd, Hunter Nimrod, Crafter, Builder, Artist, Creator, Musician, Singer, Poet, Actor, Jade? Olivia? Eve? Slavia? Gül? Rosa? Rose? Criminals, Sinners, Addicted, Lessabled, Wounded, Sick, Dead, Prisoners Samaria? Isebel? Syria? Assyria? Healers, Medicals, Practitioners, Nurses, Doctors? Psychology, Psychiatry, Pharmacy? Life Rescue? Carers, Guardians? Donators, Sponsors, Patrons, Charity.
Linguae All kinds of Babylonian
Jacksons Dan, Ephraim, Thomas
Apostle, Prime Minister Antijehovah, Eve & Adam, Able & Cain, Ioudas Iskariotes
Jehovah, God, Lord of All Spirits, Father, Creator Baal Manitou, Brahman, Nirvana, Tao, Dao
Jehovahs Daughter our Mother Zion Health
Jehovahs Son our King of Kings Isa, Lord of Good Spirits Krishna? Avatar? Michael Michael, Loskäufer, Befreier, Erlöser Heiland, Retter, Tröster, Healer, Michael
Isas Bride our Queen Israel Freedom, Liberty
Lord of evil Spirits, Antijehovah John.8.44: He was a murder-er from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” Did he kill one of his sisters, the bride or women of his eldest brother Michael? Luzifer, Engel des Lichts, Glänzender, Shiva, Chaos, Kali Versucher, Prüfer, Slaveholder Angel of Death, Poison, Illness, Engel des Todes

<!–Dear Pagans, you may accuse, judge, punish and fight all those vermin and crop, who damaged your table and heritage above.–>

Jacobine Tribes
Community Jacobines Jews Shilohis, Erbstreiter Judges
Task, Role, Mission, Theme, Function Faith, Tanakh, Jerusalem, Israel, Obedience, Law, Writing, Teaching, Chronology, History, Scroll, Synagogue, Library The first of the two Steady Lamps. Tanakh, Hebrew Israelising, War, Strategy, Inheritance, Conquest, Colonies, Discovery, Trade. They all have their ambitions or destinations and have to look how to reach their aims and goals the best possible or easiest way. Equality, Freedom, Enlightenment, Test, Inquiry, Scrutiny, Measurement, Cybernetics, Navigation, Cartography, Lexicography, Regulation, Defense and Offence, Dialectic,  Justice, Peace, Mediation, Laws, Statutes, Order, Administration, Authority. The Last Two Witnesses “Moses, Elia and or Mohammed” are the Crown and Diademe of the Judges? Communication, Information?
Color gold, yellow, clay orange? salmon? yellow green? rubin? purple? red? white?
Jewel Bernstein, Electron Rubin? Purpura? White Crystal?
Souls (Humans, Spirits) & Communities Babylonia, John Zebedee? Maria? Tamar? Athalja? Salomos Frauen? Ohola? Oholiba? Oholibama? Judea? Rahab? Alexander, Sun Tsi, Cäsar, Paul, Clausewitz, Napoleon, Lawyers, Advocates, Counsels, Amnesty International? IJM? Human and Civil Rights? Equality, Freedom? Enlighteners, Politicians, Policies, Parties, Tutors, Custodian, Curator, Warden, Tutela? Mentor, Discoverer, Pioneers, Spies, Detectives, Inspectors, Decipherers? Interpreters? Commentators? Soldiers, Missioners, (Tax) Collectors, Fund Raisers, Claimers, Attorneys, Offencers, Searcher, Explorer, Checker, Examiner, Investigator, Tester, Controller, Verifier, Trier, Surveyor, Leader, Chief, Captain, Pilot, Kybernetes, King, Ruler, Priestess, Commander, General,  Simson? Samuel? Barak? Deborah? Jephtah? Delila? Philista? Presbyter, Episkopoi, Priests, Officers, Guards, Teachers, Governors, Kalifs, Reeves, Sheriffs. Proconsuls Sergius Paul on Cyprus and Gallio in Achaija, Legator Quirinius in Syria, Procurator Pontius Pilatus, Police? Anarchists? Terrorists? Mathematics? Book Keeper, 
Linguae Hebrew
Jacksons Judah, Jehudah, David, Salomo Joshua Levi, Moses, (Jethro), Miriam, Aaron, Elia from Tishbit in Gilead country, John Baptist
Apostle, Prime Minister
Jehovah, God, Lord of All Spirits, Father, Creator Jehovah Jehovah Jah Jahwe
Jehovahs Daughter our Mother Zion Zion Synagoge War, Israel Law, Justice, Justitia
Jehovahs Son our King of Kings Isa, Lord of Good Spirits Michael Immanuel Shiloh Jeshua
Isas Bride our Queen Israel Israel? Jakob und sein Engel?
Lord of evil Spirits, Antijehovah Devil, Teufel Satan
Christian Tribes
Community Christians The 10.000 ++ Original or Serious Christians Catholics Reformers
Task, Role, Mission, Theme, Function Diatheka. Love, Hope AND  Faith, Basilika, Church, Codex, Bible Christian Law and Love. They try to live like the First or Early Christians and take their faith very seriously like Jehovahs Witnesses and many others. Obviously the First Christians did not fulfill their 12.000, so that each of them is now in the heavenly government. The second Steady Lamp together with the Jews. Shepherd? The Big Flock? Conservation? Taming, Domestication, Softening or Mitigation of the iron hard Romans? Prostitution with the Roman Empire and its Gods? Community and Order Founders. Steady Improvement. The Zionskinder are the fulfillment of all reformation, no more other reformers will come into heaven without us Zionskinder and our Zion Party. We are the crown and the diademe of all Reformation?
Color green, copper, clay green? purple? rubin? red? blue green? petrol? marine?
Jewel Smaraldos? Purpura? Rubin?
Souls (Humans, Spirits) & Communities Elena? Iezabel? Purpura? Phönike? Lydia? Sidonia?

Church State, Vaticana, Popes, Babylonia? Holys, Maria Cults

Orthodox, Albigensians, Cathars, Valdesi, Hussites, Mennonites, Anglicans, Evangiles, Puritans, Pietists, Methodists, Mormons, Baptists, Apostolics, Adventists, Presbyterians and many others. Katharina? Teachers, Scholars, Schools, Academies and Universities, Renaissance, Humanism, Humanities, Sciences, Dogmas, Society, Socialism, Communism, Cooperativists, Richard Owen, Gustav Werner, Translators? Economists, Historians, Chronists, Entrepreneurs, Managers? Evangelists, Postman, (Good) News, Technicians, Engineers, Inventors
Linguae Hebrew, Greek Latin English
Jacksons Benjamin, Paul died in Rome by Cesar
Apostle, Prime Minister Peter died in Babylonia?
Jehovah, God, Lord of All Spirits, Father, Creator Baal Kyrios Dominus Lord
Jehovahs Daughter our Mother Zion Zion Sion, Holy Community, Gemeinschaft der Heiligen, Wolke von Zeugen, Cloud of Witnesses Maria, Church Church, Reforma, Freedom, Faith
Jehovahs Son our King of Kings Isa, Lord of Good Spirits Christ, Michael Iesus Christus Jesus
Isas Bride our Queen Israel
Lord of evil Spirits, Antijehovah Satan Devil
Muslim Tribes
Community Muslims & Εgypta Ismaelis Alis Ahmadis
Task, Role, Mission, Theme, Function Islam, (Self)  Submission, Sharia, Mosque, Medresa, Five Pillars:  1. Shahada (creed, confession, declaration), 2. Salah (regular prayer), 3. Zakat (alms giving, charity, welfare, social help), 4. Sawm (yearly fasting month, Ramadan), 5. Hajj (pilgrimige at least once a life to any holy community, not explicitly to Mecca, Christian Answer: Crusades? Tourism?) Quran, Mekka, Medina Kerbela Cashmere, Kashmir
Color blue, silver, clay azul? turquois? violet? lilac?
Jewel Lapislazuli? Turquois? Amethystos?
Souls (Humans, Spirits) & Communities Ummah Afrabia Turkia Aria, Persia, Irania, India, Kurdia, Afghania, Pakistania, Indonesia, Birma, Malaysia
Linguae Arab Turkish Persian, Kurdi, Farsi, Urdu, Hindu, ….
Apostle, Prime Minister Which Apostle died as Ismael in Afrabia? Which Apostle died as Ali in Central Asia? Andrew?? Which Apostle died as Ahmed in India? Andrew?
Jehovah, God, Lord of All Spirits, Father, Creator Allah Allah Allah
Jehovahs Daughter our Mother Zion Community of all Believers, Gemeinschaft der Gläubigen Ummah Ummah Ummah
Jehovahs Son our King of Kings Isa, Lord of Good Spirits Mahdi
Isas Bride our Queen Israel Islam Islam Islam
Lord of evil Spirits, Antijehovah Sheitan Sheitan Sheitan

4 Main Religions but 5 Main Eras or Epochs After the Golden Era in Paradise and its Loss

  1. Pagany with Mastery, Kings and Priestesses
  2. Jacobinery with Patriarchy and Judgery
  3. Christiany with Cesars, Popes and Doctory
  4. Islamy with Kalifs and Imamry
  5. After Isa opended the seals of the seven prophets: Melangery, Odyssey, Managery, Partiality, Individuality, Plurality, “Scientology”, Industry, Machinery, Automatery, Electricity, Mass Production, Mass Mobility, Mass Destruction, Mass Manipulation, Mass Temptation, Broadcast


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