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Riddle Flourishing Antarctica

Dear scientists, engineers and astronomers, please do not ask how Antijehovah could destroy our Earth, ask in stead how Jehovah could flourish the ice desert around the south pole on the big island Antarctica. The former chancellor of Deutschland, Helmut Kohl, promised "Blühende Landschaften". 1611 King James Version Isaiah 35 1 The wildernesse and the… Continue reading Riddle Flourishing Antarctica

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To Dimes Solutions www.dimesyscorp.com

Dimes Solutions, Ltd. One First Floor Office (F5), 100 Ellingham Way, Ashford, Kent, TN23 6LZ, England Company Registration #10277825 http://www.dimesyscorp.com 1-888-407-5139 +44-2033186850 Our Bangbuddies Affair Dear small money collectors, you made a payment with my debit card to the benefit of http://www.bangbuddies.com  without my authorisation. You did not even provide any receipt, so that i… Continue reading To Dimes Solutions www.dimesyscorp.com