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To Dimes Solutions

Dimes Solutions, Ltd.
One First Floor Office (F5), 100 Ellingham Way,
Ashford, Kent, TN23 6LZ, England
Company Registration #10277825

Our Bangbuddies Affair

Dear small money collectors,

you made a payment with my debit card to the benefit of  without my authorisation. You did not even provide any receipt, so that i cannot understand and prove this demand.

You claim, that i have subscribed a service of bangbuddies in March 2018. All i remember is that i have made a payment for bangbuddies once upon the time. But i did not hear anything from them for many months, so what do you want me to pay for now? If you insist on this payment, please send me a copy of our contract. A subscription is not a simple one time buy, there must be a written contract. Remember, that a contract must be signed by all his contractors to be counted as valid.

Dear bastards and bitches, because of you, there is no money left for my other real subscriptions. If i lose my work because of you, you will pay me for ever.

If you do not grant me having

  1. My own heritage from my mother Gisela, who got it from her parents, they from theirs, back until to Noah, who got it from Allah Jehovah personal.
  2. My own part of Israel.
  3. My own religion Zionskinder.
  4. My own Zion Party.
  5. My own King Isas Scripture School.
  6. My own website
  7. My own marriage.
  8. My own covenants.
  9. My own love.
  10. My own whore.
  11. My own family.

If you do not grant me this my own life and work, your own covenants and marriages shall be invalidated. Your men shall go to prison and your women to brothel. You better wish an internment in some concentration camp or KZ. Maybe you can stay in contact there much easier.

Bangbuddies owes me at least one whore. If they do not pay this duty, they shall be banged for ever.

Please withdraw your demands and give back what belongs to me.

Thank Jehovah for having me, Sincerely your Uwe

6 thoughts on “To Dimes Solutions”

  1. We could not find a Contact us page and would like you to know that we appreciate your following our Blog Site. We are honored that you would take the time to visit. Feel free to comment on anything as feedback is key to progress and success. We are preparing to get back into regular posts with an explanation for the extended break. Again, thank you.

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