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To Asia Noreen Bibi

My dear catholic believer Asia, congratulations for your success in front of your Pakistan judges. I believe, that Jesus and Mohammed do not contradict each other. It is true that Michael Jesus Isa is promised the world rule over all souls and peoples on earth by means of his bride, government and parliament our Queen Heavenly New Israel. It is also true that Mohammed was the seal of the prophets for many many years until Jesus came breaking the seven seals of the prophets including the seal of Mohammed.

One of the seals could be that at least one of the Apostles has traveled to Asia and told there the news about Jesus until he died under the name Ahmed or Ali maybe. So i have evidence that three Muslims tribes will participate the heavenly government two, if they accept the heavenly Isa as their King. There should be no need for baptism and other Christian traditions and habits, the yearly supper on Holy Thursday alone could serve as confession to the heavenly government..

Please think about what could have happened if the Jews would have accepted Jesus as their promised Messiah, and please think about what could have been happened if the Jews and or Cesar and the Pope would have accepted Mohammed as a religious leader. There would have been no need for new religions, neither for Christianity nor Islam. Our world would be separated similarly to now in religions and states but totally different.

Please beg your souls and peoples for pardon, that you did not treat Jesus and Mohammed equal and without prejudice. Please do not let your view upon any prophet be spoiled by human traditions and fairy tales any more. Only what the holy scriptures the Christian Greek Diatheka and the Muslim Arabic Quran tell us should be taken serious and proven by Allah Jehovah God.

Greetings your witness and believer Zionskind Uwe.

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