Info, Warning

Paradise Betrayal Places

There are many nice places on our Mother Earth that give us a good impression how paradise regained could look, feel, smell and taste:

  • skies
  • airs
  • winds
  • weathers
  • mountains
  • earths
  • waters
  • plants
  • forests
  • meadows
  • animals
  • humans
  • gardens
  • cattle
  • houses
  • paths
  • fires

But we should not trust on, that humans can regain paradise lost by Adam and Eve by own effort.

Better renaming our paradise places, cities, villiges, hotels, beaches, restaurants, pensions and so on to real circumstances than risking that they turn out as limbo or hell as happened in California recently this year 2018.

Many lost their belongings or even their lives, obviously because they felt too secure, trusting rather on the outer appearance of their environments than on the warnings of Allah Jehovah, that the big tribulation will come before he will be able to restore paradise on his creation our whole Mother Earth.

Alternatives to paradise places for now could be more realistic refuges for as many as possible:

Zion or Sion or Zsion or Kingdom Zion or KZ or Mother Zion or Jerusalem or Israel places.

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