Third Letter to all Jehovahs Witnesses

Dear Jehovahs Witnesses, dear Watchtower Society, you embezzled me our Mother Zion for many years. In your beginning decades from 1870 to the 1920s you possessed our Mother Zion. I do not know who is responsible for your loss, but if you do not show me the responsible souls and or communities, you will pay your Zion, Sion AND Zsion Pennies now and here.

Please do not deserve another night of the sherds like the recent one in Paris! Please do not dare and test Jehovah!

9 million witnesses, guards and societarians * 0.01 USD = 90,000 USD!

Please pay now or do you beg the wrath of Jehovah. Me and my children and works must live and survive too.

Please do not beg the Wrath of Jehvoah!

Please do not ally with unholy earthen states and state securities against us and our rights!

Greetings and a nice week from your Apostle Uwe.

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