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Global Diversification

Globale Arbeits Teilung


Babylonia: Administration, Cities, Humanities, Legislation

Roma: Steel and Iron, Justice, Trade

Elena: Military

Egypta: Crafts and Agriculture


America: Media, Entertainment, Finance, Communication and Information Technology, Exploration, Science, Navy, Aerospace

Britannia: Navy, Finance, Engines, Assurance

Italia: Arts, Architecture, Fashion, Life Style, Luxury, Esthetics, Indulgence, Design

Latina: Wood and Silver? Resources

Russia: Energy, Resources

Greece: Greek, Philosophy, Excess

Europeia: Vehicles, Engines

Asia: Merchants, Merchant Navy, Soldiers, Textile, Rice, Spices, Resources, Stone?

Afrabia: Agriculture, Arts, Crafts and Textile, Resources

Insula: Fruits and Spices, Pilgrims, Holiday Makers

Chemicals, Electricity, Transport, Communication and Power all over the world or worldwide.

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