The Tübingen Big Twelve

The Political Number One?

The Green Mayor

Boris Palmer

The Prime Ministerial Mighty Four on the (Rail) Way or Direction to Rottenburg


Country Police

Kreis Spar Kasse


Are four powers too much? Should there be rather only three of them?

The Secondary Cultural Seven

The Eberhard or Neckar Bridge with Small Istanbul, Leather Reutter, dai and Hölderlin Tower

The Blue or Railway Bridge with some Metropol

The Europa Place with the Main Station, Bus Station, Post Office, Social Forum, Golden Times and the Thiepval on the other side of the Rails

The Old or Ancient Cultures on the Castle with the new cultures and many languages in the city

The Hospitals and WHO with Twin Piles and Penny

The Rhine Land Road along the Kreuzberg and Unterjesingen

The Paul Horn Arena with the Basket Ball “Walter Tigers”

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