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Chronicle of the Slaves

Chronicle of the Slaves

Jehovah created all spirits with free will but under the frontieres of his laws.

Lucifer became the first slave of his own desires and will.

He slayed his sister Izrail to get her means of death?!

Adam and Eve started as friends of Jehovah until they trusted Antijehovah more than Jehovah to open their minds and bodies for prostitution with the dragon to get the power to make their own laws to rule over other men.

So their spirit and flesh were impurified, so that all their children and descendants became imperfect, vulnerable by sick and illnesses and mortal.

Able became the first human slave of death.

After the flood Nimrod founded the first earthen state Babylonia and made the first prisoners or slaves to become the king of the first empire and to hinder them fulfilling Jehovahs first law to spread all over Mother Earth. Babylonia may have been small, only the capital and a few big cities with towers but for the whole of mankind.

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