So lange der private zweig der sklaverei abgeschafft oder gar die allgegenwärtige sklaverei komplett verleugnet wird, kann integration nur der klägliche versuch sein aus unseren flüchtlingen und immigranten sklaven des staates und oder seiner “religionen” zu machen. Diese haben dann für uns anderen keinerlei wert mehr und sind für private freundschaften verloren!

You fucking earthen states. You all deserve your total extinction, the faster the better!

There are only two just solutions for this problem!

Either our states release us adequately satisfied or we have to make them our slaves and fuck them when ever, how ever and where ever we like as long as we can until our or their or mutual downfall!

Was Adolf Hitler betrayed by some one too? By his former Austrians or by his later Deutschländers? Maybe both, he betrayed some soul and was betrayed by this or other souls or vice versa?

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