To Neil Salmon

To Neil Salmon

Dear Neil, thank you for some company and friendship in the 1990s in Munich. I saw that it was not easy for you English man in Deutschland, but i did not understand you really.

Now after surviving four weeks in England under similar conditions i cand understand you a little better.

I do not know what you gave up in England and what you were really looking for in Bavaria. You showed me a photo from a girlfriend, but i did not really understand you.

I had some sympathy for you, but my boss and my own feelings warned me not to engage too much in further friendship.

But never the less i aporeciate to have made your challenging acquaintance, which memory maybe gave me additional reason to come and see England now by my own, even if it is not as easy like expected or desired without real friends and few money.

What are you doing now? Did you follow my advice working for the automotive industries? I tried it, but it was not very satisfactory. One or two years ago i gave my European Union driving licence back to the authorities. I really do not miss it, alone in my car or with wrong and bad people.

If i would not have returned to my wrong family and would not have trusted alone to wrong Jehovahs Witnesses i would not have needed it at all!

And since i m more interested in spirit than in physis, the contradictions between our states are growing.

I m not shure, but it felt and seems that some one tried to use us as a substitute for the loss of other men or women. I’m not sure if you were aware of this, but may be we ourselves or some our neighbours are some how responsible for this gap or missing link in our biographies and chronicles, maybe even our own families.

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