Concentration or centralisation of a kind of people or peoples:

  • the dead in cemeteries
  • the children in kindergarden
  • the young in schools
  • Jews and other peoples in ghettos
  • Indians, aborigenees and other natives in reservations
  • refugees in camps
  • criminals in prisons
  • sick in hospitals
  • prostitutes in brothels
  • unwanted in the streets without shelter
  • dissenters in colonies
  • Hereros in concentration camps
  • soldiers in baracks (cities)
  • infectuous in quarantines
  • isolation
  • division
  • car drivers (often alone and isolated) in their own cars
  • jewish slaves in psychiatry?
  • royals, nationals, kings, presidents and ministers in their governments, parliaments and bunkers
  • soldiers in their barracks
  • respublican administrators in their authorities
  • demoscratic leaders in their self administrating communities
  • citizens in their families, clans and other communities
  • workers in their plants and plantations
  • slaves?

March against Internment?

Carrick Hill

Clifton House

Holistic Internment of unwanted and disadvantaged souls and communities in refuge cities with own black and or blue guards, hospitals, brothels, shops, workshops, agriculture, prisons, temples, synagogues, churches, mosques, administration, samarians, commanders and judges.

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