To the Worldpower Unionists

To the Worldpower Unionists

  • Facebook
  • European Union
  • Former Roman Germany
  • Christian Democrats
  • Evangelic Methodists
  • Schweitzer Familiarists

Your Christ is not our Christ!

Mathew 24

Mark 13

You kept me in spiritual custody of your communities without a trial at all. You abused me against my friends and stole or even killed my loves.

Now i have lost all my friends and my loves!

At last Facebook offered me Jewish Nazis maybe even worse than those of Hitler as a substitute.

You are not worth your unities and peaces any more. Your kingdoms and communities shall fall apart as soon as possible!

I paid for my mistakes twice. And you? Instead of substituting my losses and sufferings, you try to make me responsible for your own crimes!

To make it even worse, three youngsters came by bikes a couple of minutes ago at two o’clock in the night and tried to rob my baggage.

Shame on you!

My Christ has becone the King of the Gentiles, Jacobines, Christians AND Muslims!!!!!

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