Third Letter To All Believers

Third Letter To All Believers especially Christians

Dear co believers, all my life you told me uncomplete or wrong stories about our Gods, commandments, the Christ, Israel, Zsion or Zion or Sion, Love, Faith, our prophets, hollies and angels, Religion and Politics!

I take you Christians serious now and our Christ as only mediator between me and our Gods!

Of course i respect all other believers, but they cannot expect better treatment, heritages or wages than me!

Do not dare to make me an ordinary sinner or believer like the majority of us, if you want to belong to our supreme gods Jehovah, Zsion, our true Christ and his New Heavenly Israel!

“All others are welcome of course!”

I will not demand more than naturally needed for a moderate and modest life:

  • food
  • earth
  • water
  • air
  • fire
  • work or job
  • advertising and self expression
  • communication and conversation
  • community
  • legal sex
  • music and entertainment
  • information, advice and inspiration
  • consumption and creation
  • religious freedom

Please do not expect me marrying one of your prostitutes, you did not help or even hindered me marrying my own!

By the way spiritual prostitution with one of our communities’ demons is not better than physical prostitution. Both should be treated equal!

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