To The Irish Peoples

To The Irish People AND Peoples

My dear irish peoples, your catholics have their prisoner holies and their bad news walls and the protestants their union jacks and victim memorials.

Are you both blind?

Your wars are between the future world powers Europe, UK or Britannia and America, not between catholic and protestant believers, not between religions and peoples!

Now it is totally visible and decouvered!

Yhe protestants should ename their protestant memorials to believers memorials. Our gods will soon decouver, why and for whom they have died!

And the catholics should change their walls into better or good news, instead of advertising unequal partners and accusing and blaming their enemies. Our judges will do this soon! This is not to our children!

Stop your war and make peace and unite finally!

We may trade and negociate with our neighbour superstates, but we should not prostitute with or abuse them! And we should not sell our children to or bespeak our parents with them!

Then we could become one people, but we should respect and protect the diversity of all our peoples!

Eleven men from all over the world can easily hang on one Harland and Wolf!

Their property including women and children could substitute our losses and sufferings partially.

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