To the Bottomless Night Strollers

To the Bottomless Night Strollers

My dears, first i want to thank you for your many attentions.

I do not mind you celebrating, smoking, fuzzing, fighting and drinking in the other corners.

That some of your bad members tried to steal me, force me confessing homeless, begging me for money and light, though i often do not have enough for myself, confuse and intimidate me, is and was not so kind.

One of the worst experiences was a rough man coming tearing my Belfast Rangers Footbal Club flag down from the fence beside my bed, claiming that this tomb street would be a catholic street and it would be forbidden to confess rfc there!

He obviously tried to appear as a bad catholic who forbids me to confess a footbal fan!

It seems to me now, that he tries to make Catholics bad and tries to incite me against his unwanted and disliked for the sake of his own communities. I am really sad about such wrong humans and cowards.

Some times they bring something (waste or stolen?) and let it stand beside my living area. What shall i do with such unwanted objects?

The opposite wall of my rectangle is smeared accusing certain unknown people of rape, abuse and murder. Soon after i tried to ornate this by some friendly and nice stickers, some one came when i was not there and teared off the best stickers and renewed and extended his smearings.

This night 11 September 2019 a young couple stood suddenly above me at about 4 clock 30 when i was wanking in my sleeping bag. They friendly and caring asked me, if i needed something. When i wished a woman, they offered me a narrow white sack (like for muslim or sea burials?) against the rain. I asked who they were and they introduced themselves as Isbel and Jonathan from the Welcome Organisation or Center. When he tried to pull the white sack over my feet and sleeping bag she was busy behind me with her black waste sack. As suddenly as they appeared from some where (i did not see from where) they vanished north ward into the dark.

In the morning i stood up and packed my baggage. Then i realised that my camping bag and my food bag were missing out of the trailer trolley.

Value about 100 pounds or more!

This deed consists of at least two crimes

  1. the theft
  2. the abuse of the name of a charitable community to gain the confiance of the victim

If they gave me wrong names to confuse and hinder justice, it would be a third crime.

And if some third person incited them to steal, this would be an additional much worse fourth crime of that third “person”!

If this third party turns out to be a community, their bosses shall be degraded and their community businesses put under custodianship.

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