Criminal Communities

Criminal Communities

Who allow them selves what they forbid others.

Who demand others what they selves deny.

Who do not grant others’ loves because they have killed their owns’.

Who seduce or incite or force others doing bad or even worse than them selves.

Who spoil the environment of others with other one’s waste.

Who spoil our environment with their waste.

Who let others pay twice for goods and services.

Who let others do their work twice.

Who forbid prostitution between humans, but allow and even propagate prostitutung with spirits and animals!

Who stain the souls, spirits and minds of others by psychiatric, pharmaceutical and medical drugs.

You are bad and evil people. You are not better, than the Pharisee enemies of Jesus!

Of course we all are allowed to treat our people different by favour and love, advantage or disadvantage them, love or hate them, but not treating them unequal by the same law!

If there is one law for two or more souls or communities they must be treatet equal by this very law!

You deserve some punishment or even decapitation of your wrong communities and states!

You damned fools, community and if necessary even state decapitation is much better then holocaust, shoa or prohibition!

Those are bad and evil and those, who do both are the worst of the worst!

There is no sorry and no excuse left for them, i beg your pardon!

No, i do not have any paranoia at all. All humans are good and nice and all my enemies are imagined!

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