To the Belfast City Vineyard

To the Belfast City Vineyard

My dear vine gardeners, thank you for your regular wedensfay morning breakfasts.

Yesterday instead of marking my physical offspring states (presently Baden Württemberg sub state, Federal Republic of Germany, European Union and United Nations) on your visitor welcome world map board, i ornated the wall map with tiny Zion stickers on four well chosen places of spiritual offspring:

  • one for the mountains of Jerusalem, Judah and Istael
  • one for our Irish mountains
  • one for the Altai mountains
  • and last not least one for the Cashmere and Shrinagar mountains

If you make a few researches, you will find many Mounts and Mountains of Zion around the world. Each of them is at least one vineyard! They are all symbols for the seat not the Olympos of the greek inferiour gods, but the highest mountain, pyramid and hierarchy of OUR supreme gods Father Jehovah, Daughtermother Zsion, King Christ, Queen Heavenly Israel and Heavenly Jerusalem.

Despite this fact you hated my Zion stickers and removed them from the public board for private use in your office. I will not blame you for this, it is your board, but it looks like you are Anti Zion or against it now or you do not like to share her with others?!

Since 1914 you cannot have the true Christ and Messiah Jesus your king without his kingdom, church and state Daughtermother Zsion for as many souls and communities as possible any more!

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