Social Respublican Royalists Wanted

Social Respublican Royalists Wanted

for the foundation of the first Irish Social Respublican Royalist Party!

In the better sense of their names:

Socialists assumed to want the best for their whole societies.

Respublicans assumed to want to make all politics public and transparent instead of secret.

Royalists assumed to accept at least one king or one queen as their head.

Nationalists assumed to want the best possible nation or government for their state.

Demoscrats, i beg your pardon, assumed as originally male associations of slave holders, who refuse sharing (religion and) politics with their women, children and slaves.

Unionists assumed to want the best possible union and this best possible union is the union of the HEAVENLY NEW ISRAEL, bride, government, nation and parliament of Jehovahs Chosen, Christ and Messiah.

In a worser sense, they all can turn out as egoistic alone heritors, alone determiners, alone councillors, alone judges and alone rulers, only wanting their own and their own parties best.


representative and votable for

  • socialists
  • republicans
  • royals
  • nationals

With these goals

Reunion of all Irish peoples under the first Irish Social Respublican Kingdom.

Election of the King or Queen, judges, ministers, senators and representatives!

No heritage of the Kingdom! The kings or queens may propose their favorite follower, but the state leaders shall be voted by a majority of the Irish.

Legislation and or law approval by self sufficient judges. They should be paid directtly by all Irish souls or citizens and communities.

New law books based on human and civil rights and duties.

The new state bases on following classes:

    the nation = the king or queen with their government, their judges and their senators and representatives.
    the social respublic administration: ministries, authorities
    the social demoscratic self administrating communities: peoples, tribes, clans, parties, religions, charities, households, enterprises, clubs, associations (and families?)
    the citizens with full civil rights
    all humans with reduced but human rights.

A central fifth province for the new capital of United Ireland in the middle of the island.

A few United Nation babylonian cities at least Dublin and Belfast.

All Party Irish Congress for Negotiations with Europe and United Kingdom for a future common state with union of northern and southern Irland.

Preparation for the promised world war

Fortification and defense with enough refuge cities and areas for the many expected loosers of this war.

Surviving of as many as possible!

Downfall of the state in dignity as bearable as possible!

Hough, ich großer häuptling habe geschissen!

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