Deutschlander Concentration Camps

Deutschlander Concentration Camps

These camps for concentrating unwanted, unwilling and unable peoples were not bombed in the war. Without the command of mass extinction and more humane and social working and living conditions, millions could have survived the war.

How many Deutschlanders were killed by mass bombing? About half a million civilians too. Maybe another half million was killed by expulsion from east europe and millions were killed by crimes against humanity.

However millions can survive the next war in world wide spread levite or judge cities like the ones in ancient Israel, each one maybe for about 100000 concentrated unwilling, unable and unwanted.

These cities could be more or less autonomous under legislation, jurisdiction, government and administration of their levites or judges.

They could be built or established in less dense populated areas in the woods, deserts and mountains.

This photo shows the different population density in the Deutschlander country districts.

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