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Zsion Decree Z027 Urteil

Zsion Decree Z027 Urteil

Im Namen der 14 Stämme Israels und der Völker Zsions

gemäß Psalm 87 inclusive Babylonier und Ägypter!

Judgement and sentence against authority abusers in the name of the 14 tribes of Israel and the peoples of Zsion procrastinated on Monday 13 April 2020 because of new witnesses and in favour of continuing inquisition:

Inquisition Astrid Teske

Inquisition Siegfried Schweitzer

Inquisition Loretto Klinik 2018

Inquisition Andreas Schweitzer

Inquisition Wilhelm Hugo Schweitzer

Inquisition Maria Schweitzer

Witness Wikipedia “Adolf von Goetze”

Inquisition Grauer Family

Inquisition Heimz Herr

Inquisition James Girardot

Inquisition Max Miller

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