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Inquisition Astrid Teske

Inquisition Astrid Teske

What contracts did she make in my name without asking or telling me?

Every soul has the right to know his contracts, duties and memberships! Me too!

Why do i not get my baggage sent to my new address in Berlin, what she promised me weeks ago?

I need my documents, clothes, tools and decorations urgently. With my extreme small income i cannot afford to make double expenses!

Does she even block and hinder the progress of my work and affairs here in Berlin behind my back?

I risk losing important and precious never repeating opportunities and values if i do not have full access to my property and rights!

Did she commit or witness crimes against humanity and tries now to protect her self and or other deeders by committing more crimes?

May be in spain or as lawyer?

I could ask her responsible Lawyer Chamber in Stuttgart for some details.

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