Third Letter to Donald Trump

Third Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Donald, thank you for your thoughts about Deutschland and NATO. Yes you are totally right, we Deutschlanders should choose our supreme political partner now and take our consequences.

We cannot and should not longer prostitute with America, Europe and Russia the same time.

The European Union has grown much too big by NATO support and east expansion at the expense of many other peoples and states world wide. We are not worth it any more!

Additionally we do not share any North Atlantic with you Americans, Britains and Western Europeans. May be fortunately, remember the two submarine wars and the boats of Wolfgang Petersen.

I would leave the NATO or you should exclude Deutschland and their eastern neighbours from under your expensive security umbrella. Their majority is no longer worth any more American active or passive bloodshed.

They and America will find their ways. Please be courageous and do not fear the future. America will become great again with or without the both of us! We too cannot have both: we cannot keep our power and survive the same time! Sincerely your Uwe.

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