One of the future longest remaining last world powers. She has many relations, too many!

The black relations to Russia, Greece and the exiting Britannia. These other world powers have their own black relations to other world powers too.

The yellow relations to the United Nations.

The red (and red black here dark red) relations belong to the Romans from Britannia, Italy and Iberia.

The green relations to the neighbouring future world powers Iberia, Italia and Ellas = Greece.

Only the blue relations from Brussells to France, Deutschland and Austria are concerning the core political Europe.

The European has grown too big! Obviously some green Democrats, Greek and or Christians expanded political Europe by the cost of Babylonians, Romans, Egyptians and the community of 14 Tribe Israel believers.

What to do now?

Strengthen our blue bondages first.

Then cut off Greece, Italy, Spain and or Portugal?! They will make their own and better way.

Yes, cut off Greece, the homeland of the political green and the demos first!

The Greek may stay most important and wanted cultural and political neighbour but not as member of political Europe!

What She Was or Wanted to Be

What She Is Now

What She Could Become or Keep in some Best Possible Case

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