My Heritage

I am the son of Noah, Canaan and Israel!

Since long ago all Canaanites and Israelites are spread all over the world and humanity by the world religions and world powers.

So obviously no one can proof having no Canaan and Israel genes at all!

Other wise no genetic analyst can proof his, her or it’s direct descendancy of

  • Babylonia
  • Egypt
  • Abraham
  • Ismael
  • Isaac
  • Jacob
  • Assyria
  • Chaldea
  • Media
  • Persia
  • Elena
  • Roma
  • Maria
  • Greece
  • Italia
  • Mohammed
  • Arabia
  • Europe
  • Gallia
  • Germania
  • Franka
  • Austria
  • Prussia
  • Bavaria
  • Aria
  • Turkey
  • Russia
  • Iberia
  • Latina
  • Britannia
  • America
  • or any other demonic state.
  • You bastards are totally mine or no body!

    Do never dare again to curse my hands, works and humans, or you will end up the most evil way!

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