Wir Falschen und UN Echten Tell Awifei Geschwister

Wir Falschen und UN Echten Tell Awifei Geschwister

2022-03-24, Frankfurt, Uwe

  1. Uwe Schweitzer, Kaiser und Königreich Zsion. Mein staat ist der einzig real existierende. Alle folgenden sind vergängliche zustände von amts an maßern mit hirn gespinsten!
  2. Recep Tayip Erdogan, Karayyildiz Türkiye
  3. Joe Biden, United Central Hollerith Intelligence Fake States of America
  4. Antonio Guterres, Unted Anti Babylonia Nations
  5. Wladimir Putin, Sister Ukraine Killer Russia
  6. Al Sissi, Muslim Brother Killer Egypt
  7. Charles Michel, William Cross Europe Uniom
  8. Queen Elisabeth, Buckingham Open Oxford Oxfam Garden Door State Britannia
  9. Chinese Communnal Capitalist Island Yearner Tibetan Republic
  10. Lipa Garden Town Ship State South Africa
  11. Al Jazera Antenna Free Riad State Saudi Arabia
  12. Islamic Ayran Republic
  13. Macchi Pichu Boöivanda State Latina
  14. Don Alfonso Habsburg Conquistador Survivor State Iberia
  15. Italia
  16. Greece Brei Demokratia Elleniki
  17. India
  18. Asia
  19. Indonesia
  20. Nippon Rice Wafer Nuke Cracker Four Island Empire
  21. Alaska Governor Andi Rottenegger
  22. Anti Alaska Governor Krassni Lebed
  23. Matador Terra Fuego Match Box Diasporah
  24. Pinguin Dominion Antarctica
  25. Admiral Kursk Hole of the North Pole
  26. First Jewish Nazi of Ukraine Wolodiwoina Zelenskij
  27. San Francisco Trench Vaticana Off Shore Holder
  28. Fourth Israel Believer and Truster Knesset Seater ?
  29. ISS Uranus and Uranium ET State
  30. Weihen Stephan Lander Crocodile Bimbo
  31. Face to Face Fireball Fucker Marc Zuckbeard
  32. Jeff Bezos
  33. Wikipedia Chief Obsfuscator Jeff Walsh
  34. Unknown Fadt Rotating Black Snail Pit Hud Son Security Council
  35. Jens NATO Stoltzeberh
  36. Magogi Andreas Greyhound Schweitzer
  37. Anti Christ Pseudo Jesus
  38. Nephilim Stater Founder Antijehovah
  39. Nairobi
  40. Falko Wunder Knabe Ämadeo Vienna
  41. Berlin
  42. Paris Hill Eiffel Tower Srate France
  43. Geneva Calvin Klein
  44. Lucipher. Once upon the time he declared him self Jehovah. He violated Jerusalem and spoilt or killed his sister Israel, chosen bride of his brother Michael.
  45. Antispirit declares him self holy.
  46. Anti Zsion declares her self the paradise on Earth.
  47. Anti Christ declares him self the chosen one.
  48. Anti Israel declares her self the darling of Christ.
  49. Anti Jerusalem declares her self the only true peace.
  50. Anti Sabaoth declares her self the mightiest army ever.
  51. Anti Uranus declares him self the ruler of physis and physical laws.
  52. Anti Earth declares her self the better second Earth.
  53. Anti Life declares her self ?
  54. Anti humans declare them selfs the better beings.
  55. Imperialists demand more than necessary from their neighbours by trespassing the laws.
  56. Hyper Imperialists are even trespassing the rights and propetties of other empires and imperialists.
  57. Nimrod and Babylonia founded the first empire by hunting humans and claiming the sky.
  58. Pharaoh enslaved at least one neighbour nation for the sake of Egypt Union.
  59. Alexander of Makedonia federated with Greece to conquer Syria, Canaan and Egypt.
  60. Cesar conquered Greece, Europe and Britannia for Rona hyper imperialist world rule.
  61. The first pope united Roma, Catholica and Babylonia instead of obeying the Christ.
  62. China demanded to be the center of the Earth.
  63. The Greek demanded the eastern half of the once Roma empire and even more.
  64. Mohammed and the caliphs founded the first islamic state and conquered Canaan, Egypt, Africa and more.
  65. Charles of Europe Frankia sacrificed two holy sister girls? in Frankfurt and demanded the crowns of Europe, Italia and Roma.
  66. Aria demanded India and Persia.
  67. Italia demanded Sicilia and Sardegna.
  68. Nippon conquerd four big islands.
  69. Russia trespassed her natural borders of Ural mountains and conquered Sibiria.
  70. Turkey conquered Greece, Canaan, Egypt and much more.
  71. Iberia conquered Hispaniola, Latina, half America and parts of Asia.
  72. Britannia conquered Irland, America, Australia, India, half Africa and more.
  73. America demanded Texas, California, Caribean islands, Pacific islands like Hawaii, Alaska and Panama.
  74. Latina demanded Independance.
  75. Africa demanded own nations.
  76. Japan, China and Asia demanded industrialisation, capital and high tech.
  77. New York tries to unite all nations and world powers with out heavenly authority.
  78. America and Britannia unite by NATO.
  79. Europe tries to unite all world powers under the twelve stars of heavenly Israel with out asking the heavens mainly against China and Russia.
  80. Arabs try to unite with Egypt.
  81. Iran tries to unite with Kurdistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.
  82. Turkey tries to unite with Central Asia behind the Caspian Sea.

Ihr werdet euch noch wünschen, nicht meine falschen schwestern und brüder zu sein!

Es kann nur noch auf wärts gehen mit uns Vereinigt Auseinander Dividierten Galgen Vögeln!

The Ultimate Tag Ungeheuer WHO is WHO of the Henseles! The first now stolen try was just an Abgehsingsang!

Witnesses and Inspiration




2022, created by Ulysses

2022-03-25, published on Jehovah Mom

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