Christ Michael for All Souls

Christ Michael for All Souls

Good Thursday Michael’s Eve

Christ Arcangel Michael’s Supper Evening after “Eight” Sun Down Fall

Christ Michael for All Souls

Today 1989 years ago thence prophet Jesus surrounded by his desciples celebrated his last supper as human on Earth.

Tomorrow 1989 years ago he was accused by his own people and executed by the once world power Roma.

After his ressurection two days later on Sunday he became Jehovah’s and Zsion’s first born (before all other angels and Adam and Eve) and only begotten arc angel son Michael again!

He is chosen and elected emperor and king of Zsion Paradise state and husband of heavenly New Israel parliament government established 1914.

As arc angel he wants to be the king of kings not only for Christians but for all humans including Gentiles, Jacobines, Jews and Muslims.

Please Heal the World, Michael Jack and Zsion Son!

Please Heal the World, Michael!

To day evening is the best opportunity for all familiary communes to remember and remind Jesu dieing for being ressurrected our saviour and redeemer.

What some others are doing arbitrary season Sunday morning is not our problem. May be they just hope to be re awakened once upon the future time?!

Mission accomplished

He could have died for the Roma Empire as well, but he resisted all Antijehovah temptations!

Judas died by ownbhuman hand, Pilatus like Alexander of Makedonia and Greece without hand and many Jews against the Romans in Jerusalem and Massada by own or Roman hand.

They all deserve a second chance by re awakening in to future Paradise.

But i fear worse for the global workd villages Capernaum, Bethsaida and Chorazim.

Jesus once warned that they will turn out worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.

There are many hypothesises and assumptions about their disappearance and extinction but no body has found any true and evident remainings of these cities until today!


Remember the Global Flood, the first born Egyptians in the times of Moses and the 185 thousand Assyrian soldiers of Sanherib and Rabschake dishonouring Jehovah and threatening Israel, Samaria, Judea and Jerusalem.

Better be aware of eternal death penalty for all those Antijehovah servants, that only can be stopped by angel swords!

Witnesses and Inspiration

Mikhail Peres Troika and CIS Gorbacev

Michael Jackson Five

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

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