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Witness Berliner Philharmoniker

Iván Fischer conducts Haydn and Liszt Fri, 24 Apr 2020, 20:00 They crossed the musical border between Austria and Hungary: Joseph Haydn und Franz Liszt, who are juxtaposed in this concert by Iván Fischer. From Liszt we hear Eine Faust-Symphonie, which vividly portrays the protagonists of Goethe’s tragedy: the brooding title character, the sensitive Gretchen,… Continue reading Witness Berliner Philharmoniker

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Investigation Toilet Paper

Investigation and Inquiry Toilet Paper deutsch: Untersuchung und Anfrage Klo oder Toiletten Papier Why is there almost no toilet paper available in the shops in Deutschland or at least in Berlin? Reminder On my stay in Tel Aviv airport authority prison i decorated the wall of my arrest cell with an Israel star and my… Continue reading Investigation Toilet Paper

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Remember Our Christ’s Family Last Supper

Remember Our Christ's Family Last Supper 1987 Years ago If you have time and leasure, you should commit this yearly memorial supper of pleasure with your family with a good meal and some wine. In the times of Jesus the calendar days counted from sunset to sunset, so this holy thursday evening would have been… Continue reading Remember Our Christ’s Family Last Supper