Christ’s Supper

  • Christ’s Last Supper with his Disciple “Family”

  • Holy Thursday of the year 33 of our Roman Calendar or Friday fore evening according to the Hebrew clock counting the days from sunnset to next evening.
  • His next Supper

    In heavens with his bride New Israel consisting of his 144000 Ministers and their wedding.

    Our meanwhile yearly Supper

    Today many Christians observe or celebrate it at any arbitrary season and day time with many different symbols, cookies or dry bread and water or juice and the more?

    Jesus liked his disciples to have it yearly at his Holy Thursday to remember his living and dying for us.

    We can celebrate it like they did 1986 years ago, good eating, drinking and talking in familiar circle around a long or big table in any own or chartered sall or saloon.

  • 2016 in Greek Restaurant

  • 2017 with a Gentile Freind at his Home

  • 2018 in an Italian Restaurant

  • 2019 Uwe alone at Home ….

  • Mein Abendmahl 2019
  • Preparation of The Supper 2019
  • … with ZDF Tele Community

    Markus Lanz with Guests