03 The Christ

The Christ

Only begotten and first born Son Jehovahs with his Daughter our Mother Zsion

The secondary supreme fatherhen

In the manner of Melchisedek

In the manner of the High Priest of Ancient Israel

In the manner of the Kings of Ancient Israel and Judea







“To whom it belongs!”

Emanuel, Immanuel

Jeshua, Jesus



“Who is like god?”




Wort und Weg Jehovahs

Witness Gospel of John

Ewigvater an Stelle Adams

To fulfill this prophecy, he could recreate Adam a second time. With Mother Earth?


The only angel reborn by an earthen woman, Mary.







Lion Jehudah

Root and Sprout Davids

Seal Opener

Witness Revelation to John

King of Kings = Cesar

World Rule

His Bride The Geavenly New Israel

His City and Fortress The heavenly New Jerusalem our new Capital

His covenant “The steady heavenly Peace” New Jerusalem

His Birthday

Not exactly known. More likely in September than December. We have some evidences:

  • His death in spring 33 at the age of 33 and 1/2 years
    the date of temple service of John Baptist’s father
    John Baptist was born six months before Jesus
    The Catholics observe Mary’s conception at December 8. To have been born on December 24 he had have come to birth in two weeks or 12 and a half months and would not have been a regular human and manson.

Obviously all Israelis observed their birthdays, they all knew how old they were and when to start new periods or phases of life and their sevices.

But obviously they did not celebrate them selves for their birth, which is the achievement of their spiritual and fleshly parents who deserve all thank for our lifes and living. The Tanakh mentions only one birthday, that of Joseph’s Pharaoh. Also the Diatheke only one, the birthday of John Baptiser’s King Herod.

His Dying and Death

Hearing by the Priests

Proceedings at Pontius Pilatus, Cesar Tiberius’ Governor of the Roman Province Judea.

Death Penalty

Execution at the Cross, Torture Timber or Stake. By the way Jesu profession was carpenter or timberman.

His ancestor Fathers and Mothers

One former canaanite prostitute Rahab of Jericho

One Mobite woman Ruth