Jehovahs Diary

Jehovahs Diary

My Blessings, Curses, Promises, Sentences and Covenants

Liebe geschöpfe, bitte fragt mich nicht nach meinem anfang oder schöpfer. Aus eurer sicht habe ich weder anfang noch ende!

Ich war ich eine zeitlose singularität und alleine.

Irgend wann und irgend wie fühlte ich mich einsam und mir wurde langweilig. So beschloss ich, meinen geist und meine liebe mit anderen geschöpfen zu teilen.

Durch diesen beschluss entstand der Chronos oder die zeit und kam ins rollen. Denn ohne zeit gibt es keine veränderung und keine schöpfung.

Dies ist der Tag Null meiner Erschaffung eurer Welt

Lucipher my beloved son

Genesis 1



First Covenant with two Laws and Death Penalty



Revelation to Enosh?

Demons and Nephilim

Global Flood

Noah Covenant

Nimrod and Babel

destruction, confusion and separation of the founders of the first state on earth

Abram, Sarai and Lot

Revelation to Abraham

Sodom and Gomorrah

Babylonian Canaanites

Revelation to Isaac

Revelation to Jacob Israel

Promise to all Jacksons


Revelation to Joseph


Revelation to Moses

Jehovah is my name and it means: “I will prove that I am the supreme, true, unique and loveable god and father!”

10 Egypt plagues

First Pessach

All firstborn Egyptians killed by Angel Hand, maybe even a million?!

Revelation and Law to Moses

Desert Journey


Disciplining my people

Canaan Promised Land Take

Miracle of Jericho

Neighbour Oppressions

Holy Support of the Judges

David against Goliath

Siege and Threat of Jerusalem by the Assyrians

185000 enemies killed by angels in one night

Miracles of the Prophets

Judgement of Ohola and Oholiba

Conquest of the Samaria and Judea Kingdoms by Assyrians and Chaldeans

Destruction of Jetusalem and the first temple

Revelation to Daniel

Generating Jesus with Mary

Healing Miracles of Jesus and his Apostles

Reawakening Jesus as firstborn from Death


Pentecoast Foundation of the Christian Community

Rescue of Jerusalem Christians out of Roman siege

Revelation to John

Revelation to Mohammed

Breaking the Seals of the Prophet

sending avatars, caliphs, princes, sheriffs, governors and the like helping heavenly Jesus

Establising New Heavenly Israel in her Capital New Heavenly Jerusalem

by reawakening the until then deceded holies

Judgement “Day”

steady filling of this heavenly parliament until 144000 reached

Separating the lost assimilated tribes of Israel from their unbelieving neighbours

Reuniting Israel on Earth as in Heavens

Rescue of the obeying big minority for survival of the final big tribulation

Punishment of the disobeying other big minority by my own hand

Revenge to all remaining earthen states, governments and nations, including Babylon the Great and even the Israel state, at last the remaining 11 world powers and their mega skyscraper cities and industries. They are too big and too harmful for sustainable and self administrating communities and households.

Capture of Antijehovah and his demons

Restoration of Paradise lost, 1000 year lasting second or continued Judgement Day

by reconstructing the Lands and Cities and reawakening the victims of about 6000 years of Antijehovahs Rule over Humanity

Cleaning all bad, evil and poison

Healing the world

Final Temptation by Gog and Magog

Eternal Execution of Antijehovah and the False Prophet

My Kingdom Zsion has come true as in Heavens so on Earth then!!!!