Zsion Law

Zsion Law

1 Substitution

You shall substitute soul for soul and organ for organ without further communal, private or personal conditions. Legal conditions are applying of course!

And those who became slaves by law because of this, their states, judges and slave holders now are responsible for substituting.

Those communities and states who deny or forbid slavery but enslave others or keep their own slaves in prisons, hospitals, barracks, brothels, cemeteries and the like or prevent others from fulfilling their substitution duties are the real asshole communities. At the end they shall substitute twice or even manifold depending on the sentence of their judges!

You cannot really expect that the user follows your substitutes or slaves or is voluntarily becoming your own slave too. Of course the substitutes have to follow their new user some how voluntarily by habit, love and or by law, otherwise they would not be useful as a substitute at all.

All substitutes are granted their own human slave rights of course, but not necessarily their full citizen or civil rights.

These human slave rights shall include at least

  • religios freedom
  • equal slave treatment
    acknowledgement and reduced payment of their slave service as beneficiary

2 Membership

Every community has to inform all their members at least once a year, what kind of members they ar regarded and what rights and duties will result out of this membership.

If the members do not or can not agree in a certain span of time, they shall be unchained by deleting them from the member list!

It cannot be that certain communities are keeping some of their members in some kind of custody or slavery by them not being aware of their membership.

It must not be that any community makes members liable for their decisions and deeds, without informing all of their members. They must not profit from the members duties without granting them all rights and advantages of their membership!