05 Jerusalem


Jehovah’s Eternal Heavenly Peace.

Peace with Jehovah.

New Jerusalem

Christ’s Covenant

Steady Heavenly Peace NEW JERUSALEM

Melchisedek and Salem

Mount Moria?

Mount Zsion?

Die Zierde?

Jebus of Canaan

The Camp of the Original or Ancient Israel with her 4 Divisions

4 Main Religions but 5 Main Eras or Epochs After the Golden Era in Paradise and its Loss

  1. Pagany with Mastery, Kings and Priestesses
  2. Jacobinery with Patriarchy and Judgery
  3. Christiany with Cesars, Popes and Doctory
  4. Islamy with Kalifs and Imamry
  5. After Isa opended the seals of the seven prophets: Melangery, Odyssey, Managery, Partiality, Individuality, Plurality, “Scientology”, Industry, Machinery, Automatery, Electricity, Mass Production, Mass Mobility, Mass Destruction, Mass Manipulation, Mass Temptation, Broadcast


Gentile Visions of the Temple City

Did they try to make a Copy of these my Geometric Models?

How did they get the inspiration?

Obviously they only saw parts of the model or could not complete the visions!

Capital of the Ancient Israel and Judea States

Ancient Israel Capital

Capital of old or ancient Israel.


conquest by David

hence city of David


first temple


City of Peace Trampled Down by the World Powers and World Religions

2520 years beginning with the foreign rule of Nebukadnezar and 70 years of Babylonia exile until 1914 coronation of Emperor and King Michael and his new bride Israel in heavens.

The First Temple of Salomo

The “Temple” Vision of Hesekiel

The Second Temple of Nehemia and Herodes?

The Vision of Apostle John on Patmos by Revelation of Christ

Heavenly Capital of New Israel

Me Uwe’s Visions of New Heavenly Jerusalem or Upper and High Zsion

My Flying Fortress Vision

Eine feste burg sind unsere götter! frei nach Martin Luther.

My Stockach Vision

My Schiller Street Witnesses Vision

Vier Reihen Häuser hinter ein ander am orts ein oder aus gang mit je drei ungeraden haus nummern von 45 bis 69.

The Muslim Visions of a Color Cube

Ernö Rubik’s Color Cube Vision

Interessanter weise haben quader und würfel 2 * 3 = 6 seiten.

My New 2021 Visions of a Big Holy Regular Body

with different coloured faces, edges or corners.

  • Which bodies do i yield by
    • subtraction of the corners
    • addition of corners specially above the centres of the faces and their linking edges

    A cube

    with a centre and 8 corners, 12 edges and 6 faces.

    An Octa Edron

    with a centre, 6 corners, 12 vertices or edges and 8 faces.

    Two Pyramids

    one top up, the other top down interfering each other like a christ mass star.

    The Foundations and Corners

    of this heavenly castle and flying fortress “eight miles high”. She cannot be destroyed or conquered from Earth. Her Inhabitants cannot be corrupted, disempowered or dethroned.

    Luther: Eine feste Burg ist unser Gott

    The 4+ Corner Stones


    Kitchens of Hesekiels Temple Vision

    The 12+ Foundation Stones

    The 24 to 48 Prime Ministers of the 12 New Heavenly Israel Tribes.

    Each stone

    1. One Jackson
    2. One Apostle
    3. One Chosen Muslim?
    4. One Chosen Gentile?

    The 12+ Jewels

    The 12 Jewels

    The 12+ Pearls and Doors

    The 12 Pearls

    The 12+ Angels

    As porters, guards and doormans.