Colour Cross

Colour or Color Cross

deutsch Farben Kreuz


Colour Circle

Colour Code

Color Chronicle

How should we code the main colors?

Do we really get all colors by combining only three main colors

  • red green blue
  • yellow purple (magenta) turquois (cyan)


If we take four colours, which colours do we yield by

  • subtraction
  • addition
  • or
  • and
  • xor
  • implication
  • other logical and mathematical inter actions

of the neighbour colors in the pale green fields between the main colors?

What can we yield in the middle?

And how should we divide the middle?

Color Grid

A great idea for our artists and app makers: An application for drawing arbitrary grids on any sheet, then filling out the named and or numbered fields by various constant colors or formulas or expressions to calculate their colors depending on some neighbours.

Color Calculation sheets similar to table calculation sheets.

The formulas could even be made changing by time or depending on time and other surrounding measurements.

And each field could have its own light and color gradient with different brushes, masks, filters and painting techniques each of them programmable too.

The possibilities of the game and light installations would be endless.

There even could grow a new standard for saving, sharing, including such artworks into any file or web site and displaying them on any display panel like tv, computer monitors or portable devices like our mobiphones.