Home Administration

Home or House Hold Administration, Economy and Organisation


I have two of these moval boxes piled up in the half side wardrobe department of my cupboard and an additional wood board on top for higher stability. In sum i get five additional cupboard shelves in place of the almost unused trench coat space.

A single coat can be hung up on a hook and a hanger on top or inside the door wing.

A textile bag holder can be hung up inside or outside too organizing cloaths, shoes, socks and many other small stuff.

I mounted an tool organizer board at one side. It may be sawed up and used in narrower places too.

Cardboard, wood or plastic boxes, shopping bags, baskets and cradles can be used as drawers for saving space, gaining overview and easier access of most household goods.


A bed bug and itch mite, deutsch krätz milben infected matress can be put aside. Sleep on a provisory camping like bed instead.

A groundsheet, a soft blanket, sleeping mat or futon and a small and light cushion as under lay, an other blanket or a rubber band fitted bed sheet as cover can substitute a more comfortable matrass bed quite fair.

Such a bed can be desinfected much easier than a complete matrass.

In case of emergency we can easily use such a bed out door or in a tent.


A brush may even clean short carpets.