Travel Coffin Cart

Travel Coffin Cart

deutsch reise sarg karre

Emergency Refuge, Survival and Coffin Cart

deutsch Notfall Flucht, Überlebens, und Sarg Karre


Tent Box or Coffin Tent

Tetra Edron Tent

Octahedron Tent

Tent Box or Coffin Tent

deutsch Zelt Schachtel

A low “bath” tub for the sleeping mat against rising water and a top as a cover against falling water.

Both may be attached by herrings from inside and or outside the coffin similar tent to the ground.

Both boxes can be made foldable or even self unfoldable by spring wires.

The tents may have different sizes for one to three? souls and short ones for children.

If the (self inflatable) sleeping mat is water proof, only the top is necessary for covering “down under”.

Such a top could be made very light weight and easily and fast to fold and unfold.

Similar to some self unfoldable cylindrical leave sacks in the gardening departments of department stores and construction markets. But for these tents only half of them are necessary.

Alernatively only a self expansible spring wire half helix to attach to and cover with any tarpin.

Wild West Covered Wagons

Remember the covered wagons seen in many Wild West Movies.

Travel Coffin

A coffin with christian hard wooden base and muslim flexible or soft textile top?!

A plastic or wooden base like a eating plate or planting, Petri or photo developer dish. With flexible willow, wire or carbon fibre rods stretching the roof tarpin.

Multi Purpose Transort Cart

Combined with a ladder or two rods and one or two wheels, a carrier grid, grate, grill, barbecue or piece of fence for the baggage and equipment attached by ropes, hooks, carabiners, (key) rings, belts, rubber or cable ties this can be used as wheel chair, bike trailer, wheel barrow or hand cart to transport our remaining most important household belongings in case of emergency where ever our gods lead us, even by bus, train and plane.

With a second wheeled axle with shaft this cart can carry heavy weights even long distances by foot or bike with ease.

For puplic transport the cart can be put vertical and secured by belts to the relings.

We can now use the cart as wheel chair, sledge, raft, stretcher, bier, suitcase, bed, sitting bench, table or work bench supported by two or more trestles, cupboard and last case coffin.

Let us be prepared for the next refugee treck even our own.

We are the real preppers!

The bunkers are for the mighty and rich, the carts, shelters and tents are ment for us disadvantaged!

They prefer it stationary and immobile, we poor and weak like it mobile and ambulant!











as far and easy as you can.