Israel Chronicle

Israel Chronicle

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>0 New States

>1 + 2 Spaces and Times = Spacetimes

>3 Zsion

>4 The Christ

>5 Israel

>6 High Spirits

>7 Sabaoth

>8 + 9 Our Parents Uranus und Gea

>10 Souls and Communities

>11 Jerusalem

>12 Paradise Restored

>Zsion Chronicle>Chronos

Israel, english: god disputes

God disputes for his whole creation, for all souls and all communities.


0.? Israel and her 4 departments and ? times, ages, timespans or epochs

1.? her 14 Tribes

2.? 4 + 1 Polis or politics: Babel, Memphis in Egypt, Elena, Roma, New Jerusalem in the Kingdom Zsion

3.? 7 subsequent super states and or world powers

4.? 10 + 1 last parallel world powers

5.? 3 + 1 + 1 last covenants

Components of the Chronicles

will be

  • Souls, Spirits and Communities
  • Names
  • Times and Dates
  • Homes: Lands and Waters, Cities and States
  • Paths and Borders
  • Stories

0.0 Angel Izrail

killed by her brother Lucipher to get her means of death to threaten all humans?

0.1 From Adam and Eve to the Deluge

Their first law was to conquer the whole earth and govern the plants and animals. Their second law was not to make their own laws and not to govern them selves or each other.

0.2 Adam and Eve in Paradise

Paradise lost, Adam, Eve and their mortile children lose direct friendship to their god, creator father and legislator Jehovah and become the first gentiles with inferiour gods

0.3 Gentile Chronicle

Pre Deluge Settlement?

Adam and Eve evicted from Paradise.

All humans shared one language and culture.

Cain tiller of the ground.

Able keeper of the sheep.

Cain was persecuted for the murder of Able and became a fugitive and a vagabond. Since then 2 lines of humans:

  • from Adam
  • from Cain

The lived may be side by side in their own but different settlements with different equipment, culture and life style?

From Cain

His son Enoch built the first city. Five generations later the children of Lamech with Ada lived in tents and had cattle, and music by harps and organs. Their brother from Zillah became brass and iron artificers.

Pre Deluge Chronicle

0, Adam born, generation G 0

? Eve

? eviction from Paradise

? G1, Cain

? Able

? Cains minority line branches off the other majority humans

130, G1, Seth from Adam

more sons and daughters from Adam

235, G2, Enos from Seth

325, G3, Cainan from Enos

395, G4, Mahalaleel from Cainan

460, G5, Jared from Cainan

622, G6, Enoch from Jared

687, G7, Methuselah from Enoch

987, believer Enoch taken away with 365

874, G8, Lamech from Methuselah

930, Adam dies with 930

1042, Seth dies with 912

1056, G9, Noah from Lamech

1140, Enos dies with 905

1235, Cainan dies with 910

1290, Mahalaleel dies with 895

1422, Jared dies with 962

1556, Shem, Ham and Japheth from Noah

1651, Lamech dies with 777

1656, Methuselah dies with 969, together with almost all others in the deluge

1656, deluge

  • second month, day 10, Noah and family enter the ark
  • second month, day 17, 40 days of flooding

  • month 7, day 17, the ark rests upon the mountains of Ararat
  • month 10, day 1, tops of the mountains visible


  • month 1, day 1, waters dried up from the earth; most of the earth 11 months and 14 days under water now, still swampy!
  • month 2, day 27, Noah and his family leave the ark

Many preserved cave contents, settlement remainings, tombs, clothes, pottery and tools out of wood, bones, copper, brass and iron could date out of before the deluge.

Such a huge and total deluge could have changed some landscapes dramatically. And the long standing waters could have changed many materials, excavations and findings and their environments or washed them to other locations so that many date estimations by measurement of luminescence and radioactivity should be checked.

The first settlers could have reached Ireland by land or water before the deluge!

The Megalith Agers could have lived before and or shortly after the flood?

Standing Stones

  • tombs
  • henges
  • menhirs
  • circles
  • alignments

Some of them like Newgrange and Stonehenge could have been built mainly for season measurement and calendar correction.

Paleolihic, Mesolithic and neolithic settlements could have existed nearly same time side by side, depending on the welfare of the clan.

If we trust Moses, Adam was born about 6000 years ago and humans are a distinct creation, not to be confused with animals.

The first humans could have lived much longer, because of better genes, nearer to genetic paradise perfection.

And the deluge with a new humanity took place about 4400 years ago.

If this is true, either many old fossils are not human at all or their age calculation went totally wrong or hiders, buriers and or excavators manipulated their fossils, measurements and or results. Or the age estimation is founded on wrong assumptions about the original radio activity, so that the calculations result in wrong ages.

Human, hominid or Ape?

There seems to be a big gap of brainsize between all humanoid fossil findings between one pint and two to three pint brain volume. Fossils with skulls for ape size brain volumes about a pint or less should be taken as apes.

Greetings from Rulamann!Nephilim

Deluge or Global Flood

Survival of Noah and his family





2.0 See Babel or Babylonia Chronicle

First human state Babylon with first sky scraper

Division of humanity into many peoples with different tongues spreading all over the Earth.

1.0 Settlers Chronicle

The Spreading and Settling of us Humans on our Planet Mother Earth

On journey the people ar looking for paths by land or water along the coasts, rivers and valleys while observing the animals, plants, weathers, seasons, climates, horizons, skies, landscapes and mountains.

They should have settled where ever they liked the country until the need for further or backward movement, if the conditions or climate changed or if other peoples threatened or suppressed them.

Building of Paths, Cities, Cultures, Societies, communities, States and even Super States. Renaming, conquering dividing and uniting peoples, tongues, countries, lands, waters and communities.

  • If necessary they settled the mountains, islands and deserts.
  • Abram out of Ur
  • Sara
  • Lot
  • Hagar
  • Ismael
  • Isaac
  • Rebecca
  • Jacob
  • Esau, Edom
  • Seir
  • 1.0.0 Africa

    Menes and or Narmer

    First Empire Egypta by unification of two seperate peoples

    2.1 See Egypt Chronicle




    Israel in Gosen



    10 plagues

    liberation and exodus

    1.1 Slaves Chronicle

    Chronicle of the Slaves

    Jehovah created all spirits with free will but under the frontieres of his laws.

    Lucifer became the first slave of his own desires and will.

    He slayed his sister Izrail to get her means of death?!

    Adam and Eve started as friends of Jehovah until they trusted Antijehovah more than Jehovah to open their minds and bodies for prostitution with the dragon to get the power to make their own laws to rule over other men.

    So their spirit and flesh were impurified, so that all their children and descendants became imperfect, vulnerable by sick and illnesses and mortal.

    Able became the first human slave of death.

    After the flood Nimrod founded the first earthen state Babylonia and made the first prisoners or slaves to become the king of the first empire and to hinder them fulfilling Jehovahs first law to spread all over Mother Earth. Babylonia may have been small, only the capital and a few big cities with towers but for the whole of mankind.



    Jacob Israel


    1.0.1 India

    -2600 to -1500, Indus culture


    Mohenje Daro

    -1400, Arians move southwards and conquer the Indus area

    priests, soldiers and peasants differentiate into many classes




    Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva

    -560, prince Sidharta becomes the first buddha?

    1.0.2 Asia

    -1600, Huang Ho (yellow river) culture in the later china

    -1500, Shang dynasty

    -500, Konfuzius? silver rule

    -200, king Qin Shihuangdi dies and is buried with terracotta army

    -206 to 220, Han dynasty

    1.0.3 Europe

    1.0.4 Americas

    1.0.5 Islands See Irland Chronicle

    0.4 From Noah, Sem, Ham, Japhet and their four wifes to the Tower of Babel

    All humans spoke the same tongue still.

    0.5 From the Confusion of Babel until Jacob Israel

  • 1.2 Shiloh Chronicle

  • Colonies

    Nomads and Gipsies

    Discoverers and enerprises.

    Imperialism and Decentralisation


    0.7 Jacobines Chronicle

    1.3 Judah Chronicle

    0.8 From the Family to the State of Israel


    First Israel State

    Israel Laws

    40 years in the deserts

    0.9 Joshuas Conquest of Canaan

    1.4 Judges Chronicle

    0.10 Judges of Israel

    0.11 Kingdom Israel

    Kings of Israel

    Saul, 40 years

    David, 40 years

    Jebus to Jerusalem

    Mount Zsion castle

    Salomo, 40 years

    first temple

    0.12 Divided Israel

    Division of Israel into the 10 tribe Kingdom Samaria and the 2 tribe Kingdom Judea including Benjamin

    How did Dan and Ephraim divide the 12 tribes into 10 + 2?

    Killing or selling their own kings and or queens of all Israel?

    I do not know, why my camera takes the same background table cover bluish and or greenish the second take.

    How can we now reunite the 12 tribes of Israel again?

    Disinheriting Dan and Ephraim for the sake of Joseph and Levi?

    1.5 Samarians or Samarites Chronicle

    0.13 Assyrian Samaria

    Israel to America?

    2.3 See Assyria Chronicle



    0.14 Chaldean Judea

    70 years of Babylonian exile

    2.4 See Chaldea Chronicle



    0.15 Persian Judea

    second temple

    Jerusalem restored

    new city walls

    2.5 See Media and Persia Chronicle








    0.16 Greek Judea

    2.6 See Greece and Ellena Chronicle




    Egypta Ptolemaia

    2.7 See Roma and or Italia Chronicle








    0.17 42 + 7 year weeks to the Christ

    0.18 Roman Judea

    0.19 The Christ

    Execution of Christ

    0.20 Christian Chronicle

    1.6 Early Christians Chronicle

    Persecution of the believers

    1.7 Catholic Chronicle

    2.8 See Holy Roma? Church State and or Babylonia Chronicle

    Interstate Church State?

    Bishop of Rome

    State Religion

    Roman Catholic Empire on Earth


    2.9 Holy (Roman) Greece or Greek Roma, Byzantion

    1.8 Reformer Chronicle

    about 600, Benedict of Nursia, ora et labora

    10??, great schisma

    orthodox churches

    1.9 Ismail Chronicle

    0.21 Muslim Chronicle

    about 570 Mohammed born in Mecca

    between the ages of 30 and 40 cave meditations

    angel Gibril, revelation and mission

    622, hedshra, Mohammed flees to Medina, begin of the Muslim calendar


    religious and political leader

    629, back to Mecca

    632, Mohammed dies, all arabic tribes follow him now

    2.10 Holy Arabia, Muslim or Islam State

    redaction of the Quran

    the caliphs herit the power as representative or vicar of Mohammed

    in 100 years they conquer the whole near east and north africa

    in contact with greek, persian, indian and later turkic culture leads to a peak of orientalic culture.

    translation of important books into arabic

    experiments lead to new knowledge in physics, chemistry and medicine

    first hospitals in the cities

    1.10 Ali Chronicle?

    schiat Ali

    2.11 Holy? Ottoman Turkia

    2.12 Holy Deutschland and or Germania

    Charles 800

    Frederic Barbarossa

    Civil War 1618 to 1648

    2.? Iberia

    2.13 Britannia



    Church of England




    2.14 Russia




    2.15 America

    Declaration of Independence

    Indian Wars

    Independence War


    Federal Papers


    Civil War

    2.? Latina

    Simon Bolivar

    2.16 New Greece


    2.17 New Italia


    2.? Recolutions to Europe

    Napoleon State? French Empire?

    Kaiser of Austria

    Kaiser of Deutschland

    0.? 1914 Neu himmlisch Israel

    0.? Great or World War 1

    3.? Interstate Super State

    2.? League of Nations

    Adolf Hitler

    National Sozialisten


    0.? WW 2


    Cold War

    2.? United Nations

    1948 Neu irdisch Israel

    European Union

    2.? Afrabia

    2.? Aria

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    3.? New Babylonia?

    3.? New Roma?

    3.? New Elena?

    3.? New Egypta?