Animal Rights

Animal Rights

Thank to all who declared us animals.

In emergency every human has animal rights too!

  • Paragraphs

  • 1 Excrementing

  • we may pee in a gully or in a river, if we do nothave better toiletts available. Of course i try to prevent, peeing into other souls corners or doors.
  • 2 Self Defence

    If some soul declares us unwanted, illegal, useless, disabled instead of lessabled, criminal, homeless in stead of refugee, rough sleeper instead of public sleeper or the like without fair and ordinary public trial, he wishes us dead or even tries to kill us without reason and without any right. We may kill him in self defence to protect our selfs.

    3 Mating

    4 Food and Water

    5 Air

    6 Noise

    7 Sleep

    8 Judgement

    Of course animals too can be judged and punished for harmful deeds too. If in self defence or emergency should be honoured.

    9 Begging

    Every animal may beg for food, drink and other important needs. All religions and political parties do the same even using our own mail post and letter boxes.

    Every advertising can be viewed as businesses and enterprises begging for attention, customers, consumers and buyers. Of course they are offering their products and services for our money, but every beggar could and should offer at least his thank or even his blessing for the money he gets, so that the donators feel good too.

    And of course no begglar has the right to insist or urge or force any donation or abuse his begging for stealing or robbing.

    Essential Needs