Human Rights and Duties

Human Slave Rights and Duties

For all disadvantaged and non citizen souls!

  • state less
  • refugees
  • prisoners, arrested, detained
  • banned, deported
  • slaves
  • weak
  • ill
  • sick
  • insane
  • patients
  • dead
  • dying
  • internated
  • hospitalised
  • poor
  • homeless
  • lessabled
  • disabled
  • addicted
  • disadvantaged
  • discriminated
  • tourists
  • parented
  • supervised
  • dominated
  • infantilize
  • patronize
  • children
  • old
  • cared, fostered, nursed
  • handicapped
  • measured, under care or hospital order
  • under foreigh rule, expats
  • pupils, students, disciples, trainees, apprentices, lehrlings, praktikants
  • employees, monatslöhner?
  • workers, wochenlöhner?
  • labourer, laborer, tagelöhner
  • mini jobber

Equality, Individuality and Discrimination

no discrimination of

  • races
  • descent
  • colour
  • nation
  • ethnie
  • language
  • religion
  • political or other opinion
  • origin
  • destination
  • birth
  • death
  • minority
  • property
  • status
  • title, address
  • sex
  • sexual orientation or gender, but public sexual confession should be taken as religious
  • domicile, residence
  • age
  • health
  • ability?
  • marital status?
  • maturity status

distinction only between citizens and non citizens

  • exclusion
  • restriction
  • preferrence

Law Principles

All Rights end where Trespassing of Our Neighbours’ Rights begins!

No punishment without a law

equal process treatment of accusers and accused.

Basic Rights and Duties


Everybody may keep some secrets and should be able to destruct or burn intimate, private or personal informations.


Every soul needs some privacy of living?! Every soul has the right of having tegular time in privacy alone with his own good and or bad spirits.

It should only be allowed to polices and securities to surveil by microphones and cameras.

Recording should be allowed only by order of a judge.

And installing remote controlled, programmed, automated or else how externally determined attention seeking devices like speakers, odour boxes, lights and other equipment should be totally forbidden. Too many were and are the cases of abuse, manipulation, seduction and misleading.

Yes, today it is possible to impress the senses of people far away and staying self invisible to the impressed soul. And every sensual impression can influence our thinking by association to past experiences. And too many different, strange or contradicting impressions can confuse or upset us.

By such demonic means it is even possible to let some soul hear strange noises and voices and then treat him psychiatrically for these “wrong” experiences. In the worst case you can hypnotise sleepers or even urge some souls commiting crimes against their selves or against others.

The question in case of doubt must be: Where does paranoia end and where does persecution begin?

The so called “internet of things” can have a few benefits but if abused the damage can be big and irreparable and irreplacable.

It is bad enough that more and more souls use their own voices, sounds, behaviors, appearances, tastes and odours to mislead the senses of others. If we allow this by remote control, how and where will this end?

Every soul has the right of having tegular time in privacy with his own good and or bad spirits.

Equal Slave Treatment

Slaves are to be treated as humans not as animals or even things!

Religious freedom

To be a passive and active member of any confession even if singular.

Social Security

social insurance


social help


charity shops

barter trade


donations and gifts


food banks and tables


adequate standard of living

  • food
  • supply
  • clothing
  • housing




health service


fair wages

equal remuneration

equal pay for equal work

individual pay?

commercial and beneficiary minimal wages

decent living?

self sufficient living of their families?

safe and healthy working conditions

equal opportunities of promition and graduation, subbject to consideration of seniority and competence only?

friendships and relations with colleagues?

Rest, leisure and reasonable limitation of working hours, periodic holidays, recreation opportunities


join and form communities for promotion, protection and enforcement of personal interests.

establish regional, national and inter state federations and confederations.

Family and Marriage

Special Protection of Mothers from Conception to a reasonable period after childbirth

pregnancy advice and help

abortion prevention

child development

Clan, People and Tribe


registration of

  • identity
  • household
  • status
  • residence, domicile
  • incomes
  • properties
  • heritages

Abuse, Exploitation

Hunger and Thirst

Needs and Greeds

(partially but sufficient) satisfaction


Take Part in Social and Cultural, Life



Every soul has the right of having own belongings.


  • ownership
  • acquisition
  • management
  • administration
  • enjoyment
  • disposition

of property.

Slave Holding

Every slave has the right to hold its own slaves of course, like our states and communities are practicing it from the beginning without interruption.

Slave holding not only by power, violence, cleverness and money, but also by law!

fundamental freedoms

  • political
  • economic
  • social
  • cultural
  • public life
  • life style: settled, nomadic, gypsy

basic rights

equal treatment before tribunals, authorities and communities, including businesses

security and protection of person against violence and bodily harm neither by government nor any other individual group or institution

Right of living

death penalty?

self and neighbour defence

in order to effect a lawful arrest or prevent escape of lawfully detained? gerichts vollzug?

quelling riots and insurrections?

torture? physical? psychological?




respect of private and family life, home and correspondence, communication

New definition of slavery

No single human is totally free from all lords.

Political rights

no special preferred treatment of politicians, nationals and priests. They have enough influence, knowledge, power or money to enforce their case.

participate in votings and elections on basis of universal and equal suffrage

take part in authorities and government

being voted or elected?

equal access to public service

Civil Rights

freedom of movement and residence within one’s state

leave any country

return to own country

citizenship of at least one state?

marriage and family foundation

choice of friends, partners and spouses?

property alone as in association


free thought conscience and religion

free opinion and expression

free peaceful assembly and association

Economic, social and cultural Rights


choice of employer and or employment

just and favorible conditions of work

protection against unemployment?

equal pay for equal work?

just and favourable remuneration

join and form trade unions


public health

medical care

social security

social services

education and training

cultural participation

free equal access to general public service:

  • transport
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • cafes
  • theatres and parks


Basic Freedoms and Liberties

longtime detention only by law and conviction by a court of judges

short time detention only by skilled authorities and to bring him before a judge or by danger of violence or harm against self or neighbours

minor ages?

infectious diseases?

unsound minds?

alcohol and drug addicted?


illegal or unauthorised entry to a state?




job security





social security?







old age










Residence or Domicile

Every soul has the right of at least one registered residence or domicile in the state where he is living, even in prison or shelter less. Shelterless may be registered in the city of their choice but as shelterless. All other humans may be treated as illegal. Tourists may be forced to register their domicile.

If necessary one can have a post box to a reasonable but affordable monthly or weekly price in one city where he is living!

Choice of residence must remain free unless a judge forbids certain cities or areas! Or until a judge bans a soul to one or few chosen refuge cities or camps!


Every soul may apply to any community of his choice. An application may only be refused by an organ of that community and only with wriiten and personal signed reasoning!

Every community must inform their members regularly about their registration or membership and the associated responsibilities, duties and rights!

Withdrawal of any registration must be as easy as the registration itself.

Every community must give their members a membership card.

Case of Death

Every human has the right of a simple burial by his neighbours.

His neighbours must be informed, when, where and how the person died, when and where the body will be or already is or was buried.