Ideal Earthen State

Optimal or Ideal Earthen State

1 Pantheos Representation

deutsch repräsentative



All Other Gods and Goddesses



State Name and Symbols

Cesar, Emperor, King or President

Statute Giver Convention

2 Social Babylonic Nation

deutsch nationale

Government, Execution

deutsch exekutive: kanzler, regierung, kabinett, minister, staats sekretäre?

Legislation, Parliament

deutsch legislative, parlament, gesetzgeber

Jurisdiction, Judication

deutsch judikative

State Security Council

deutsch securitative


State Security


State Police

Customs, deutsch zoll

Boarder and Coast Guards

Homeland Protection

Parties, Religions, Tribes

deutsch staats tragende gemeinschaften

Political Parties


State Clans (dynasties), Peoples and Tribes



3 Social Respublican State Authority and Administration

deutsch administrative

ministries and state administration

regional governments

deutsch landtage

4 Social Demoscratic Communication

deutsch kommunikative

Autonomous Peoples and Tongues

Autonomous Countries and Waters

Atmosphere, Weather and Climate

Worker Councils

Industries, Trade and Commerce

Philosophers and Scientists

Farmers and Craftsnen

Autonomous Districts, Cities and Communes

Voting Commissions

5 Social Israel Islamic Population and Society

deutsch populative

state or super state citizens

voting cmmissions

6 Inter Social Humanity

deutsch menschen, menschlichkeit

white washed in the blood of the lamb Jesus

dead, humans, widows, orphans, witnesses, slaves, peace makers, ambassadors, diplomats, mediators,

zeugen schutz programm?

schutz der zeugen vor allzu zu großer verfolgung, gleichzeitig schutz der nation vor allzu großer gefährdung

100 % sicherheit wird es aber weder für die nationen, noch ihre zeugen geben!

früher oder später von der mitbestimmung im staat und von der state economy ausgeschlossen, aber mit besten aussichten ins wireder her zu stellende paradies zu überleben

7 Dragon and Snake like animalistic and demonic Satanists

they tend to totalitarian states with total control of all their humans

If they continue sinning they can only be stopped and punished by the heavens them selves by probably being killed eternally like the Nephilim and the first born egypts and many others in the times of Noah, Moses and other prophets.

Autocraties of one ore few minorities over the majority of their states by enslaving, surveillance and control of these majority.

The black reef by which our states will downfall sooner or later! The reverse top of our Titanic iceberg!


Security states nay favorise black security, anarchy and terror elements, Jacobine states may favorise yellow Babylonia and Jacobine elements, Gentile states may favorise red Roman and Gentile elements, Christian states may advantage green Elena, Demoscratic and Christian elements while Islamic states may advantage Egypt and Muslim elements. They will suffer the same oenalty as their fathers and mothers Antijehovah and his Demons. They were sentenced long ago to the second eternal death, if they will not bear their cross and 50 percent responsibility for their sins.

The last 10 plus 1 world power states will turn out

  • 1 extreme injust black and yellow Babylonia slave holder state
  • 4 extreme injust black and red Roman slave holder states
  • 3 extreme injust black and green Elena slave holder states
  • 3 extreme injust black and blue Egypt slave holder states