Overseer Law

Overseer Law


No overseer may oversee any soul without knowledge.

Every overseer and or his authority has to inform his concerned souls immediately about his general measures with or without giving a reason or some details.

At least if she uses technical or artificial means.

Every soul should know by whom and by which means he is surveilled. No one must know further details to draw the best conclusions for him self and his overseers.

Many of us feel kept under strange and threatening surveillance and make often fals suspicions. False suspicions and their consequences will and shall sooner or later fall back on their agitators, authors, originators and initiators!

No Priviledges

Every one out of every profession or state may come under surveillance, if any appropriate authority feels this being necessary for apocalypsis, discovery, investigation, inquisition, enlightenment, illumination or prevention of crimes and unequalities and protection of his citicens and properties.

Even journalists, priests, laywers and medical practitioners.

Attempts of Influence

Only personal attempts of influence should be allowed.

Chemical, optical, radio, telepathic and electronic measures should be forbidden world wide.

Any soul”s senses may only be influenced, disturbed or irritated by personal presence of the originator.

All other measures have to be viewed as kind of psychological torture.


Every soul may be spied every where at any time and any situation by cameras and microphones.

Be aware!

And every information can be abused against you or others! Do not we give creduously insights to not enough known and trusted persons!