Police Reform

Police Reform

Every Police should live and act under social demoscratic community law with

  • presidents
  • general assemblies
  • additionally boards of representants and supervisors of the paying authorities and or communities
  • works committees
  • administrative councils


Social Demoscratic Community Law

Israel Tribe Levi Judge

Zsion Decree Z026 Police

Cleveland Police Middlesbrough HQ

To the British Transport Police

To the York Police

Witness IPA International Police Association

Unsere Polizeien im Dienst

Unsere Polizeien

Zsion Decree Z024 Restaurative Justice

Justice and Law Reform

Teesside Justice Centre Trial “Alan Dent and Colin Dodds”

Recht auf Unterscheidung von Wahr und Falsch

Anti Unrechts Partei

Impartial Judges

Judges’ Code

Jurisdiction Procedure

Inter State Police

Inter state order

inter state crimes

State Polices

National and state order

crimes against the state


Government Police

Parliament Police

Interiour Police

Foreign Police

(Res)Public or Juridicial Polices

under the department of Justice for

social respublic order


crimes against souls and communities

Community Polices


Military Police


Communal Police

Private Polices

every soul and community can hire and pay their service for investigation and mediation


Inter National or Inter State Police Association

Universal Police Code



Equal Treatment


Impartiality: police officers and judges should have their own political party, if they want to influence and participate the state

Relative Neutrality

Responsibility: every officer should bear his own personal burdens instead of representing only a number or member of his community

Universal Police Education

Police officers should be rather judges and examiners than ececutors, hunters or intimidators

Zsion Polices

Who ever can afford, may establish one or more Zsion polices.