Wannsee Protocol Two

Wannsee Protocol Two 2019

The “Final Solution of the Zsion Question”

Deutsch: Die Endlösung der Menschen herrschafts frage

Original Draft

Wannsee Protocol Two 2019

Table of Contents

Background & Overview

Victims of 6000 years human rule

The Participants

The protocol

Model Kingdom Zsion


The “Wannsee Conference” was not a name its participants would have given to their meeting; it is simply the most convenient description available for historians of the Holocaust. At a villa owned by the SS on the shores of a suburban Berlin lake called the Wannsee, mid­level bureaucrats from a number of Nazi agencies, all named in the introduction to the text, assembled at the request of Reinhard Heydrich, the chief of the Reich Main Security Office and head of the German secret police apparatus. Heydrich and his boss, Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS, were in the process of assuming leadership in the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question.” This meeting was a part of that process, as bureaucratic coordination would be required for the massive efforts to be undertaken throughout Europe to kill the 11,000,000 Jews described in the document. The minutes were taken by Heydrich’s subordinate, Adolf Eichmann, and edited by Heydrich who substituted Nazi euphemisms for references to actions planned against the Jews.

          • *Stamp: Top Public, copies without restriction


The following persons took part in the discussion about the final solution of the Zsion question which took place in Berlin, at the Heckeshorn around the corner of house Am Grossen Wannsee No. 56/58 on 3 December 2019:

Uwe Heydrich

Uwe Israel

Uwe Schweitzer

Uwe Martyrius

Uwe Kalif

Uwe Vogdt

Uwe Meyer

Uwe Reich

Uwe Leibbrandt

Uwe Stuckart

Uwe Neumann

Uwe Freisler

Uwe Bühler

Uwe Luther

Uwe Klopfer

Uwe Kritzinger

Uwe Hofmann

Uwe Müller

Uwe Schöngarth

Uwe Lange

Uwe Seeler

Uwe Eichmann

Uwe Scholl

Uwe Röhm

Uwe Heydrich

Uwe Braun

Uwe Mundlos

Uwe Böhnhardt

Uwe Bauer

Uwe Will

Uwe Salls

Uwe Gohl

Uwe Hohlfeld

Uwe Rille

Uwe Haap

Uwe Demarini

Uwe Miller

Uwe Girardot

Uwe Henny

Uwe Borissov

Uwe Panova

Uwe Denisa

Uwe Salmon

Uwe Triglav

Uwe Schuker

Uwe Thurow

Uwe Goetze

Uwe Schmidt

Uwe Behrends

Uwe Behler

Uwe Blaumoser

Uwe Deutschbein

Uwe Manfred

Uwe Ruth

Uwe Maria

Uwe Theresia

Uwe Andrea

Uwe Veronica

Uwe Birgit

Uwe Silvia

Uwe Teske

Uwe Kiemle

Uwe Isebel

Uwe Saul

Uwe Herodes

Uwe Ahab

Uwe Pfeifer

Uwe Eva

Uwe Adam

Uwe Schweizer

Uwe Irrlander

Uwe Herr




The task of all our states is now, to prepare the downfall of each of our states and take over of powers by the heavenly government of King Isa and Queen Israel! As good as possible.

Our nations at least will downfall with their states. Of course they should have some joy and fun preparing and exercising apocalypse too.

But those too, who have given or lost their powers and do not want or cannot support our states any more, wearing responsibility for their states, they too, want to enjoy their remaining lifes as good and as long as possible!

The best we can achieve on earth are

  1. social babylonic nations
  2. social respublican soldiers, judges, administrators and securities
  3. social demoscratic households
  4. social islamic culture and society
  5. growing minority of disadvantaged, unliked and unwanted

Seperation of these classes but integration and unification of the 14 tribes of Israel is the motto now!

To be able to rescue and to let die in dignity as many as possible.

State Models


Zsion State


roman respublican

ellenic demoscratic

egytian islamic

Model Kingdom Zsion

Kingdom Zsion Refuge Cities

At least one or two Kingdom Zsion Refuge Cities in every state, governed by a judge of Israel and guarded by a ZS, a Zsion Security or State Security, for all those who cannot or do not want to take responsibility for their states any longer and more.

Divided Societies

Our societies should therefor be divided in

  • the nation with full responsibility for their state with enough power but no or only few priviledges
  • the state supporting citizens with full or extended civil rights and enough income, property and money
  • the growing minority of less abled with restricted human or civil rights with enough food, drink and good company

Only by some division then all classes can enjoy their lifes as best and long as possible.

And the frontiers between our classes can stay permeable for all who deserve it or bring the necessary abilities.

Every refuge city can have agencies of private, business and public households to reintegrate some refugees for example as soldiers for the coming war.


Leicht sind der name, die kleider und symbole eines staates gewechselt, besser ist aber seine gesetze und organe zu optimieren.

Final Solution

Final Solution for Antijehovah, his demons and their last 10 + 1 earthen Super States in Evil Resistance against the legitimate Heavenly Government of the Christ and his Bride Israel and our supreme father’s, legislator’s and god’s Jehovah’s State and Kingdom.

Thy Kingdom Zsion come as in Heavens so on Earth!

Thy KZ come as in Heavens so on Earth!

Anti Jehovah

His False Prophet?

Whose evil secret or seal will be decouvered at last!

Anti Zsion

Anti Christ

Anti Israel

Their False Prophet?

Anti Babylonia

The United Nations and her Successors

The Heirs of the Church State

The Heirs of the Israel State

Anti Roma




Iberia Latina

Anti Elena




Anti Egypt

Arabia or Afrabia