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  • running progressing consecutive number
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  • Shared By (hyper reference titles or numbers)


into the most influential tongues:

  1. English
  2. Roman Latin
  3. Greek
  4. Hebrew
  5. Arabic
  1. French and Deutsch
  1. Italian
  1. Latinic? Spanish and Portuguese
  1. Slavic? Russian and Bulgarian
  2. Turkic
  3. Arish? Persian, Farsi, Hindu and Urdu?

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input field


Search year, month, week or day


hyper date calendar


text function or purpose

functional order of contributions


english first with translation into the most influential tongues

with list of contributions

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Key Word List

key words and names

text ingredients

as pre defined searches

english first with translation into the most influential tongues

each key word occurrnce could or should be highlighted and linked to the concerning word search and translation (hyper text reference with or without hash tag)

A sorted list of all words of an article could be generated automatically by a side bar widget. So every author can easily enter the list into the key word input field after or even without removing less important words.

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Sortable Post Lists or Tables

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Sortable Building Blocks List

A building block can be a whole page or post or an ingredient of posts and pages or a reference to any block?!

Each block could be described by a number, a name, a title, a reference and other additional dates and informations?!

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Advanced Search

with checkboxes combinatorial searches would be possible

logical operators for combining words

regular expressions?

Reverse word listing for sorting words by their endings


word lists as tables

sortable by each column

  • ascending
  • descending
  • reverse ascending
  • reverse descending



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