Social Demoscratic Community Law

Social Demoscratic Community Law





Demoscratic Self Administration of all Tongues

Existenz Recht

Sklaven sind auch Menschen


Three Juridicial or Judicial Classes

:Human Rights and Duties

:Civil Rights and Duties

Witness Wikipedia “Parteiengesetz”

Witness Wikipedia “Kopplungsvertrag”

Witness Wikipedia “Koppelungsverbot”

For all communities

  • associations
  • enterprises
  • parties
  • religions
  • vereine
  • societies
  • clubs
  • companies
  • households
  • (families)
  • (states)
  • (state religions)
  • schools
  • synagogues
  • ummahs
  • churches
  • temples
  • peoples
  • clans
  • (tribes)
  • administrations
  • cities
  • colonies
  • state organs
  • collective
  • cooperative
  • kolchose
  • sowchose
  • kibbuz
  • companionship
  • confraternitues
  • trade or industrial union
  • worker or labour union
  • alliances, contracts, pacts, covenants, federations, leagues, unions?
  • community organs

City states need only one single demos. Territorial states with many cities could use a cascaded demoscratic method of self administration of their communities.

Demoscratic Self Administration of all Tongues

The Community

counts as living being and spirit with head, body and different organs like a caring mother for all members.


There shall be a head, body and different organs for different purposes and missions.

The Members

  • Public members who want to participate in consultation and decision listed in the public members list
  • Private members supporting the community with regular contributions not listed in the public list?

Every soul and community may become a member by application. Every member may recommend new members, but only the whole community may decide admission or exclusion of any candidate or member.

The General Assembly

At least once a year invitation of all members to meet. Responsible for all spiritual decisions. Every member soul and community has one vote for each decision: yes, no or neutral, undetermined.

The assembly may vote additional committees for any arbitrary purposes.

The Director, Manager or Executive Board or Committee

Responsible for the running busines and household of the entire community, all physical decisions but no spiritual decisions without consens of the whole community on the regular meetings.

The Supervisor Board or Committee

controls the running business, household and books of the executors. Responsible of reporting the general assembly.

Mother Communities

Every general assembly meeting may decide to apply as member of one or few other superiour communities. The conditions must be made transparent.

Daughter Communities

Every daughter may send representatives or delegates to all meetings. Their number is regulated and calculated by reasonable rules for all daughters. At least one delegate from every daughter. All delegates have full member rights and duties.

Member and daughter communities who want to get more influence or weight in the community, have to convince their members to apply for proper membership in the mother.