Reform Brothel

Reform Brothel or even better a Brothel Reform

deutsch Reform Bordell und Bordell Reform


Gleichbehandlung aller Geschlechter

Gleichstellung von Mann und Frau

Brothel Raider Community

Fair or Just Mutual Prostitution

Neu Berlin

Neu Berlin

Intercourse Studio



Life Community

Kommune 1001

Matex Exchange

Matching and Mating Rules

Plant and Animal Mating

Sheep Flock Mating

Wolf Mating

Brothel = BROTHers and sisters hotEL

  1. Inter State
  1. National
  2. Public
  3. Commercial
  4. Beneficial
  5. Private

brothels for

  • male
  • female and
  • euneuch (males without testicles and females without ovaries)

adult actors and visitors,

  • single
  • couples and
  • groups

Selected customers, restricted admission only in inter state and national institutions.

Multi Storey Building

Each Storey with own Name and Motto

Rooms rentable/rental

  • hourly
  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly
  • yearly?

with or without cleaning service.

May be

May be there is no more better way to make aquaintance of true brothers and sisters, who acknowledge the same parents?!

Prostitution Price Models

Each brothel may have several different departments or storeys for different clients, each one with it’s own rules and pricing model.

  • free prostitution
  • payed prostitution
  • shared payment prostitution
  • employed prostitution
  • sick prostitution