Inter State Super State Reform

Inter State Super State Reform

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Thy kingdom as in heavens so on earth by human will and earthen means.

???? Nimrods Babylonia with its Sky Tower

???? Egyptian Union

  • Assyrians
  • Chaldeans
  • Medes and Persians

-300 Alexanders Ellenic Federation

  • 64 Roman Empire

01?? Beginning of some Roman Catholic Church State

Holy Greek Roman Empire

0800 Holy Deutschland Empire

  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Netherlands

17?? British Empire

17?? USA

1789 French Revolution, Napoleon’s Empire

1914 Heavenly King Isa and his Bride our Queen Israel

1919 USSR

1920 League of Nations

1948 United Nations

???? Burj Khalifa


The conservative church state could have a traditional interest to hinder most reformators to reform or even better their communities and societies.

If they cannot succeed in their homelands, they have to go into some kind of extern or intern exile or find shelter in the United Nations by promising this interstate super state some tribute in their case of empowerment.

Many of them could give some of their big babylonian skyscraper cities as interstate colonies. So they both would have some advantages of their cooperation. For example Switzerland already offered Geneva, Austria Vienna and America New York. The Deutschlanders could offer Frankfort, the Irelanders Dublin and the Titanic capital Belfast, the Russians Moscow and or Peterburg and Kaliningrad, the Chinese Hong Kong and many others.

There they should soon be able to unite and get rid of the biggest obstacle against their efforts to change the world by a trial against the Church state probably. At the moment i cannot see any member of this church state against me. This could also mean that some majority of reformers are my biggest enemies at the moment?!


After the end of the church state they should be able to reform their interstate super state and teturn to their oen sub states with and or for their own communities and parties, claiming their kingdoms, governments and nations.

If necessary they take over the powers by revolution, civil war or putsch like the Deutschlander, English, American, French, Russian, Chinese and many others before with golden Jacobine bullets and clean them more or less profoundly from their supposed enemies.

For uniting islands and dividing too big and powerful states as soon as possible!

For substitution of state organs and or uniting other states only after the trial of the “United Future Kings” against the “Mother of all States” the Church State please!

Then they will be satisfied and announce their worldwide peace, which will break soon.

The church state trial and its aftermath inquisitions will reveal that they all have committed big crimes against each other. This will soon lead to world war against each other.

World War, Big Tribulation and Downfall of all earthen states will follow quickly, because all power is promised to the Christ our Heavenly King Isa and his Bride, Parliament and Government our Heavenly Queen New Israel!

Soon their gracious patience with all human rulers will find its deserved end!

Too many holies, men, woman and girls have died in the name of false states and false kings!

The pope as king of the church state and his queen will die or be killed, the Romans and Catholics will be divided and the king of the Interstate Super State will stand in stead of the heavenly Christ and his government by claiming to be the true and only supreme king of our world.

United Cities of Babylonia UCB

United Cities of Babylonia