Irland Reform

Irland Reform

Republican Ireland should leave the European Union and Northern Ireland should leave the UK.

Then they could unite much more easily.

They even could build an own super state with the 4 provinces Munster, Ulster, Connacht and Leinster as substates with own governments and parliaments with a fifth “District of Columbia” capital province in the centre of these four provinces. Each traditional province could contribute one or more counties to this capital area.

Or even better Leinster could donate only her counties Longford, Offaly and Westmeath for the new capital. The other provinces could give some thing else as a substitute for keeping their counties complete and undivided?!

So each of the traditional four provinces could keep two borders and connections to its neighbours and one to the new capital and the capital would have four connections to the other four like a cross.

The new state symbol could be a quadratic rhomb island surrounded by bue green ocean consisting of four squares

  • red cross and or hand on yellow in the north
  • a black eagle on red in the west
  • a yellow harp on green in the east
  • one or more yellow crown(s) on blue in the south

overlayed by a square, rhomb, shield, circle or ellipsis on its centre with one or two black arms and or swords on white.

A new capital for the all irish government and parliament could be built.

Thank to Wikipedia, the Ireland Rugby Team, the four existent Provinces and many other souls and communities: